Mustasch – Killing It For Life


Mustasch are back with their new album, Killing it for Life. The album starts off with a gritty musical intro that opens the first track, Where Angels Fear to Tread, that sets the expectations for the album. The track is heavy on bass and packs a punch which is something I enjoy.

After the opening track the album unleashes a track that has a bit of a musical Judas Priest vibe but done in classic Mustasch style. The lyrics entice listeners with their party theme

The album has a bit of a melancholy feel when you get to, Before A Grave. It’s dark, ambient and almost feels as though it was heavily influenced by Pink Floyd. That also carries through to the track, Freddie Mercury.

As the remainder of the album unfolded, there was a mix of dark tracks with even darker lyrics. I couldn’t decide if this album was supposed to be Mustasch putting their middle finger up to the world or just letting out day to day disappointment. Whichever direction the writing came from, listeners will definitely feel the delivery.

Overall the tempo on the full album was a but subdued to what I am used to hearing from this band. I did feel one of the stand out tracks for me personally was, What is Wrong. The riffage in this track, very tasty and felt a lot like Pretty Maids hard rocking sound.

In summary: this is another good release from Mustasch that delivers an enjoyable musical experience for listeners, but I felt like I could not fully connect to this album. It has many different musical styles that left me felling like the album failed to come together as one. Would it stop me from grabbing this album? No, I’d still grab it. It’s full of all the things that these guys are known for, just a little more tame than expected.

Diane Webb

Diane Webb


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