Vader – Solitude In Madness

Polish death metal band Vader has released there new album Solitude In Madness.

This album starts out with the track Shock and Awe which is a brutal assault of musical timing with blistering drums that smother the listener in epic, intense beats per minute wrapped in full rage and darkness that sets the immediate expectations for what is to come. If any listener leaves the first track without any expectations of the mayhem to follow, they were not listening.

As the album transitions out of the first track and on to Into Oblivion, listeners will get their first round of blazing guitar riffs that are packed with power and insane arrangements as Vader launches full metal attack on the senses. Make no mistake, Vader has just declared war!

As the album progressed on, there were moments that felt like a slight break, just enough room to catch your breath but as quickly as those moments appeared, they were gone and the battle moved on. The style of power and intensity in the guitars that were felt in the second track, showed up throughout this entire album. What I thought was only going to be on one or two tracks ripped up track after track, all matched with dark, powerful and intense vocals blended with many levels of darkness that delivered the punch to the heavy lyrics.

Vader displays massive amounts of intense riffage throughout this entire album. I kept catching myself hearing rippers that had me stopping and listening closer to what they were doing and felt myself being pulled in deeper to this album each time. With a short 29 minutes run time for the entire album, they packed in the punches proving you can do mass damage in just under a half an hour that satisfies the listeners completely, but leaves them wanting more. You can bet if this is how Solitude In Madness sounds as an album, their live shows supporting this new album will be insane! I can imagine you could easily get a full play through of the album on one support set but as a headliner would leave room for other tasty tracks they’ve released in previous years.

In summary, there’s nothing not to enjoy about this new album. It is intense beyond belief and extremely well done. It shows off their skills as song writers and musicians. This is easily one of the best releases I’ve heard from all the bands out there in death metal in the past few years. This album is not only death metal either, their music has a great thrash undertone that takes their music from a really good band to a great band. I fully enjoyed this listening experience.

Titel: Solitude In Madness
Genre: Death Metal
Skivbolag: Nuclear Blast
Releasedatum: 2020-05-01
Betyg: 5/5
Bästa låt: Sanctification Denied, And Satan Wept, Stigma of Divinty, Dancing in the Slaughterhouse

Peter – Vocals, Guitars
Spider – Guitars
James – Drums
Hal – Bass


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Mange Byström

Mange Byström