Thundermother – Black and Gold

With dark skies and a deafening discharge, the rumbling has given way as Thundermother brings the light in the sky with their 5th full-length studio album. “Black and Gold” was released on August 19th on AFM Records and this plate packs one hell of a punch.

“Black and Gold” brings a noticeable shift to Thundermother’s sound. There is a clear focus on songs that appeal to a wider range of rock music fans. While I love older albums for the deeper cuts the band has done over the years, I believe this album sets them apart from their past and will be the page-turner that gathers more listeners to come to their sound. Some might call that being a sell-out or going too commercial/mainstream, but I think they have hit that space without feeling that they have sold themselves out. It’s just straight-up, great hard rock.

Songs on this album have memorable and singable lyrics that will instantly have fans engaged with the listening experience. The music steps up on this album with more wicked riffs, heavy blues undertones, a small but noticeable psychedelic undertone (especially in the track, “Watch Out”), and great fist-raising tempos infused with gritty vocals matched with great harmonizing backing vocals.

“Black and Gold” is packed with energy, fast hooks, and melodies that grab the listener. It is entertaining and emotional, packed with great vocals and riffage! I caught myself thinking how this album felt like many of my classic favourite rock albums from bands I’ve loved through the decades that have stood the test of time (AC/DC, The Who, Aerosmith, etc).

The lyrics range between just having a great time to the trials of being a touring band and how emotionally draining it can be to be around strangers day and night and having to put on the appearance of being happy to make fans feel good about meeting and supporting you, even if the artist doesn’t feel it at the moment. There’s even a song poking fun at someone with all the looks, but having no hooks done only the way Thundermother could deliver it! The talking intro of this track also vocally reminded me of an old Sheryl Crow track.

There are ample moments of slides across the frets that feel perfectly timed and leave you wanting more. They also left room for two nice rock ballads, “Hot Mess” and “Borrowed Time.” These tracks give way for vocals that allows Guernica Mancini’s vocals be vulnerable while gritty and packed with bluesy tones. “Black and Gold” brings a great listening experience that will instantly make you want to hit replay as soon as it ends to hear it again. I personally feel this is the best work from Thundermother to date.

No matter how you like your rock n’ roll, Thundermother delivers you the golden plate with this album. This one is sure to be a fan favourite and one that lasts through the years. Get ready world, Thundermother is coming for you!

Catch Thundermother in North America on tour with the Scorpions from August through October 2022.

Filippa Nässil (Guitar)
Guernica Mancini (Vocals)
Emlee Johansson (Drums)
Mona Lindgren (Bass)

Songlist ”Black and Gold”:
01 – The Light In The Sky
02 – Black And Gold
03 – Raise Your Hands
04 – Hot Mess
05 – Wasted
06 – Watch Out
07 – I Don’t Know You
08 – All Looks No Hooks
09 – Loud And Free
10 – Try With Love
11 – Stratosphere
12 – Borrowed Time

Band: Thundermother
Title: Black and Gold
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: 2022-08-19
Best Tracks: I Don’t Know You, Try With Love, Hot Mess, Wasted, Watch Out
Rating: 5/5


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Mange Byström

Mange Byström