Inför Sweden Rock 2014: Intervju med VDELLI

Med 52 dagar kvar till Sweden Rock Festival, fortsätter vi med serien “Inför Sweden Rock 2014”. Nästa band ut i denna serie är VDELLI.

Vdelli bildades i australienska Perth 1997 och har sedan dess släppt tio studioalbum, tre livealbum och turnerat flertalet gånger i Europa, i år är de tillbaka i Sverige och kommer att vara det första bandet att spela på Sweden Rock Festival, onsdagen den fjärde juni klockan 15:30. Una Aleksic fick chansen att ställa några frågor till Michael Vdelli, bandets sångare och gitarrist.

You are the opening act at Sweden Rock Festival this year. How does that feel?
– We are extremely honoured and very amped to be invited to open the festival. It’s an unexpected bonus and we’re very happy to oblige.

You were the winners of this year Sweden Rock Band Competition. How did you find out about the competition and what made you take the decision to participate?
– Bass player Leigh Miller and tour manager Marc Raner found out about the competition online and wanted to enter the band. I didn’t think we had any chance to win, but thought we didn’t have anything to lose so why not enter?

So I know you have been touring in Europe before, what do you feel is the main difference between the european and australian audience?
– I think the most obvious difference is that in Europe the audiences are more educated in music and have a wider acceptance of different styles. Australia has lost a lot of its musical identity and tends to follow American trends, particularly with the young people. There are still some great venues in Australia in which to perform but they are few and far between.

Speaking of Europe, do you have any specific memories you would like to share from your former tours here?
– There are many memories from previous tours so it’s hard to pick out one, but I can tell you that since 2000 we have toured 25 times in Europe. In the beginning we played very small venues in rural villages. Gradually we have worked our way up to perform at some of the best concert clubs in Europe. So to find ourselves back at Sweden Rock Festival is absolutely fantastic and recalling where we started out makes it even better!

Never Going Back is your latest album and was released in 2013. You’ve always been a bluesrock band but on your latest album you have been pushing the boundaries a bit and created a more aggressive and grungy sound – Did that progress come naturally or was it a decision you made in the band?
– This was a natural progression that still continues. We have also adapted some older material to this heavier style and it’s really working well. We have recorded a new live album “Live and On Fire” which we will have at the festival that showcases this.

Do you, individually or as a band, have any specific routines you have to go through before you get up on stage for a gig?
– Not really. A few drinks don’t hurt but other than that we just have a bit of quiet time just before we go on then it’s show time!

What can the audience at Sweden Rock expect from Vdelli on Wednesday the 4th of June this summer?
– I would say a very high powered rock n roll show featuring material from our live CD. As well as some crazy behaviour and probably a few laughs too!


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