Inför Sweden Rock 2014: Intervju med Robin Beck


Med 92 dagar kvar till Sweden Rock Festival 2014, sätter vi idag igång serien “Inför Sweden Rock 2014”. Först ut i denna serie är AOR-stjärnan Robin Beck som Rocknytts Effie Trikili fick chansen att ställa några frågor till.

AOR-sångerskan Robin Beck slog igenom 1988 med en av genrens största hitsinglar någonsin – ”First time”. Sedan dess är hon också känd för att ha en av samma genres starkaste sångröster. I mitten av 90-talet trappade hon tillfälligt ned på karriären, för att sedan återvända starkt under 2000-talet med hyllade album som ”Livin’ on a dream” (2007), ”The great escape” (2011) och senast ”Underneath” (2013). Hon har även utmärkt sig som en del av turnerande stjärnkollektivet Legends – Voices Of Rock. Robin Beck är fortfarande en fantastisk sångerska, och nu är tiden slutligen inne för henne att göra SRF-debut.

1. You released your latest album, Underneath, a while ago, how was the response?

The response was really good. Everyone was ready for a breath of fresh air. The comparisons were shocking to me. I had no idea that I had hit such universal level musically. Being compared to Pink was my favorite reaction of all… got a lot of that.


2. What are your expectations for the concert at Sweden Rock Festival?
I’m pretty excited and yikes about it. I always wanted to play Sweden Rock… ever since I can remember. I expect to be surrounded by some pretty fierce musicians and a discerning audience of aficionado’s with a taste for the real 80’s. I better bring it!

3. How do you prepare for a concert?
I work out a list of songs that I think were best received by my audience. Try ’em on and rehearse them with the band. If it feels real to me… then it’s a keeper. I work my voice out much in the way a runner would train for a marathon. I sing a mile at a time until I can sing for a hours without losing my voice- I also spend a good amount of time freaking out before a show, lol… I’m always a bit nervous… but I think it’s that good kind of energy that makes me, me!

4. If you would have to choose one of your albums, which one is your favourite and why?
“Trouble or Nothing” is and will always be my favorite. But if I could pepper in some of the newer one from “The Great Escape” and “Underneath”. Then I would have an Ultimate favorite. I think that will be the Best Of, which we have been working on for a while now.

5. What kind of setlist can we expect at Sweden Rock Festival?
There’s gonna be a bunch from “Trouble or Nothing”. It was hard not to do the entire album…. We also added some newer songs from “Underneath” that I hope the audience will embrace and then a couple from my last few albums. It’s gonna rock, thats for sure!

6. How does 2014 look for Robin Beck?
Busy! Lots of projects, a new album, touring in March starting on March 6th in Greece and across Europe and UK. A month of dates that can be found up at my facebook events… or at

Of course it’s also up at my website ( 
When I return home it’s back to writing and getting ready to come out and play Sweden Rock. There might be some more gigs in Europe after that… keep your eyes peeled and we’ll see you soon!


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