NY VIDEO: H.E.A.T – Eye Of The Storm

Två dagar innan nya skivan ”Into The Great Unknown” släpps bjuder H.E.A.T oss på en video till låten ”Eye Of The Storm”.

Erik Grönwall berättar om låten:
“In a hurricane there is a treacherous place, after the initial big wind… as the centre of the storm passes over where it is seemingly calm and still and safe. This is always temporary and what happens next is the strongest and most dangerous part of the storm. That is often the same scenario in relationships. That calm in the “Eye Of The Storm” tricks people into taking their breaths and letting down the guard. Then the winds of emotion hit again and even harder..”

01. Bastard Of Society
02. Redefined
03. Shit City
04. Time On Our Side
05. Best Of The Broken
06. Eye Of The Storm
07. Blind Leads The Blind
08. We Rule
09. Do You Want It?
10. Into The Great Unknown


NY LÅT: H.E.A.T – Eye Of The Storm
2017-09-08 – Effie Trikili

NY VIDEO: H.E.A.T. – Redefined
2017-08-25 – Ron Dahlgren

NY VIDEO: H.E.A.T. – Time On Our Side (Lyric)
2017-08-11 – Nina Dahlgren

H.E.A.T. släpper ny skiva – avslöjar detaljer
2017-07-03 – Effie Trikili

H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown
2017-09-21 – Effie Trikili


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