NY LÅT: Reckless Love – Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Cover)

Finlands sleazerockkungar Reckless Love, som just nu förbereder sig för släppet av sitt mycket efterlängtade kommande album “Turborider”, meddelar nya datum för sin Europaturné och släpper en helt ny singel, en sprakande coverversion av Ozzy Osbournes “Bark at the Moon”.

Bandets femte studioalbum släpps den 25 mars 2022 och kommer att finnas tillgänglig som CD, LP, specialbox och digitala format via AFM Records.

“We had never thought of covering Ozzy’s iconic track Bark at the Moon until we started talking about the great covers in rock and metal history with our producer Joonas Parkkonen.” Vocalist Olli Herman reveals. “I mentioned to him that we had not done a full blown cover ever before, because we had not found the perfect song yet. Joonas then came up with the idea of covering this Ozzy classic, which felt like a daunting – almost impossible suicide mission of a task at first. I mean, there is no way we could’ve made it any better than the original. Ozzy’s version is perfect!!

However, Joonas had a clear vision what to do with the track and pretty soon after we tried out his arrangement ideas, we were high fiving each other in the studio. We realized we were not even supposed to try and improve the song. We just had to make a different version of it. So much so, that it’s interesting and new, but still recognizeable. The guitar track was kept like the original, nearly note for note. Seemed like a no brainer since Jake E. Lee’s original is such a difining guitar track of it’s time and the most recognizeable part of the song. However, we introduced some Turborider-esque electric drumming for the rhythm section and synthesizers for the riff. We also raised the tempo of the track a little to make it feel more energetic than the original. To top it all off we gave it a true Reckless Love treatment with the vocal harmonies in the chorus. Even as an Ozzy-fan, I must say we totally nailed it and we managed to honor the spirit of the original perfectly.”

Det kommande albumet “Turborider” producerades av Joonas Parkkonen (Apocalyptica, Lost Society) och mastrades av Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, Lordi, Volbeat). Den limiterade boxen kommer inte att innehålla Digipak CD utan istället ett handhållet videospel!


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