Basist lämnar Air Raid


Heavy Metal-bandet Air Raid har via sina officiella sociala medier meddelat att Robin Utbult kommer att sluta spela bas för bandet.

I pressmeddelandet står följande:

“Hey guys, Andy here!

Sometimes in life you have to take very uncomfortable decisions. This is exactly the case now. I will part ways with my, for almost a decade, band companion Robin Utbult. 
It’s a mutual decision and we are still great friends. There’s absolutely no bad blood between us, but it’s time to try new things.
We shared the stage close to a 100 times, in Europe, Japan and Brazil. We had loads of fun, loads of beers, loads of great and sometimes plain bizarre experiences. Unforgettable memories! Thank you bro!

Quote from Rob:

”It’s not an easy thing to part ways with someone you’ve worked with for this long but the time has come! 
Andy and I achieved more than most people only can dream of and it’s been a fantastic time, thanks bro! Huge thanks to the guys in Air Raid for all the great experiences! 
Last but not least to everybody I’ve met on the road during these years, fans, friends and promoters. You all rule! See you on new adventures! Skål // Robin”

Någon ersättare för Robin har inte presenterats.


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