Magnus Ulfstedt hoppar av Ammunition – ny trummis presenterad

Norska rockbandet Ammunition gick nyligen ut med att trummisen Magnus Ulfstedt lämnat bandet. Samtidigt presenterar bandet sin nya trumslagare.

Bytet presenterades under en spelning på Rockingham Live på bandets Tear Your City Down Tour. Ersättare till Magnus blir Ole Tom Torjussen.

Så här lyder Ammunitions officiella uttalande:

“Though it’s sad to say goodbye to you Magnus, we totally understand your decision to leave the band at this point. Being a father, husband and play in two band’s as hard working as Eclipse and AMMUNITION is too challenging if you want to do everything a 100%. And you’re a 100% kind of guy.
You saved us during our first tour of Spain in 2016 during the “Macaluso incident”, and stayed with us ever since. You will always be considered a part of our closest family and dearest friends. You’re a great guy, a talented drummer and a caring person.
We’ll see you soon !!!
And Ole Tom !! Welcome to the family as a permanent member of the band. Even though you have known it for a while and the speech already said during our “Welcome To The band dinner”, we are blessed to have you on board. You bring a new dimension to the band with your experience not only as a drummer, but also as a songwriter and producer. And your humor really saves every traveling day from being boring. We’re looking forward to spending the next 20 years with you !!!
Life is good! Love from Lasse, Victor, Åge, Jon and Erik “

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