Heavy Tiger tar en paus

Heavy Tiger har meddelat att de tar en paus från bandet på obestämd tid.

Med ett meddelande på sociala medier har Heavy Tiger meddelat att de tar en paus för att finna ny inspiration. Bandets senaste album ”Glitter” släpptes i mars förra året.

Deras meddelande lyder:
”Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, we’ve been pretty quiet lately, and that is because it’s time for us to let you know that Heavy Tiger will be taking a break for a while. It’s time to take some time off, breathe some fresh air, regain strength and find new inspiration off stage. We will let you know when we are ready to rock again. But until then, keep listening to Heavy Tiger and spread the glitter.

We are SO thankful for the past 8 years – we have reached so many of our goals, we have had the pleasure to have the most amazing fans – and we have no regrets!

Thank you all for your support 

We’re Heavy Tiger, see ya!

//Astrid, Maja & Sara”


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