Black Veil Brides skjuter upp kommande album

Bandets femte studioalbum kommer inte att släppas i september som tidigare utlovat.

Los Angeles-bandet skjuter upp albumet till tidigt 2018 för att få den att sammanfalla med en kommande turné.

Bandets frontman Andy Biersack förklara i en intervju med Rock Sound Podcast att de heller inte fick ihop allt som det var tänkt, som exempelvis skivomslaget.

”First of all, we took fifteen months to make the record, and so in that way, we really wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. And the original deadline that we gave ourselves while the record was completed and the mixing was completed, we weren’t able to get the artwork and assets and all the stuff together exactly how we wanted it. And while listening to it, there were also elements and stuff I wanted to change.

Andy Biersack fortsätter och förklarar att de då kom överens med bolaget om att släppa skivan i samband med en större turné.

“…so we had a discussion with the label and they were in agreement with us that it seemed like we should try to line it up with something big tour-wise. And we’ve put together something for the winter that we’ll also come to England with. It’s gonna be a really big tour and I think something that people have been wanting to see for a very long time.”

Något releasedatum för bandets femte studioalbum är i skrivande stund inte officiellt.


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