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Det svenska bandet Thundermother har idag meddelat att ett flertal medlemmar lämnar gruppen.

Det är inte mindre än de fyra medlemmarna Claire Cunningham, Giorgia Carteri, Linda Ström, Tilda Stenqvist som har valt att lämna bandet. Den enda återstående medlemmen Filippa Nässil meddelar dock i samma pressmeddelande att hon kommer att hålla bandet vid liv och kommer att presentera en ny line-up inom kort.

Det fulla pressmeddelandet lyder:

Dear Thundermother-fans and friends,
It is with a heavy heart that we write this statement. Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia have decided to leave Thundermother. Filippa has decided to continue (!) the band with a new lineup and will announce news very soon.

Filippa wishes her 4 former bandmates all the best and she would like to post this message from Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia here on the official Facebook:

Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia would like to say the following:
Four years and two albums later we have reached our personal end of the Thundermother rollercoaster ride. And what a ride it’s been! It has been the most incredible journey and we are SO grateful for all the amazing experiences and memories these years have given us. We have played some of the most prestigious festivals, toured with amazing musicians and experienced so much love from fans all over the world. Without you, OUR FANS, we could not have done it! No regrets! These years have been the best. We have grown and learnt so much, both as musicians and people. And since we want to always be able to look back at this journey with fond memories, we feel it’s time to depart at this stage. It’s time for us to start a new chapter in our lives! We want to take this opportunity to extend a massive THANK YOU to all the people who believed in and supported us from day 1.

TO OUR FANS – You rock!!! Both on and off stage you guys have shown so much love and enthusiasm towards us. We have the craziest, most dedicated fans and we will never forget all the fun times shared with you.

TO OUR TM TEAM, SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS – Everyone who has made this journey possible from behind the scenes! Our booking agents, management team, record label, endorsers and sponsors, tour managers etc. You all know who you are and we are so grateful for all your hard work.

TO OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES – Without our closest friends and families who supported our dreams in rock’n’roll, we could not have done this. Words can not explain how grateful we are to you all Medlemmar lämnar Thundermother 1🙂

We love you all and thanks again. This hasn’t been an easy decision for us four to make, and so we kindly ask everybody involved to give us some personal space in dealing with this departure! All our love! Keep rocking, Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia.

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