kee marcello 484

Kee Marcello släpper nytt album

kee marcello 484
Den forne Europe-gitarristen, Kee Marcello, har skrivit ett kontrakt med det italienska skivbolaget Frontiers Records.

Ett nytt studioalbum släpps i höst.

Kee Marcello; “I’m really excited about this album. I’m making a new departure from the ”Le Baron Boys” era, bringing it into the future. I’ve always felt that there was something magic about the material that Sony mysteriously refused to release on PIP, and now the time has come to put things right. It’s time to complete my ”unfinished symphony”. This is the album that Europe never managed to record after Prisoners In Paradise. The songs will have a very familiar ring for everyone who loves that era. And as a homage to all the faithful fans I’ve recorded two previously unreleased Le Baron Boys tracks on the album.With one foot in the past and one in the present I think this album will raise a lot of eyebrows – not to mention HORNS!”

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