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Exklusiv pre-stream: Hardcore Superstar – “HCSS”

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR släpper sitt nya album “HCSS” den 22 april via Gain. Nu finns plattan tillgänglig för lyssning.

Rocknytt kan i samarbete med Spotify nu ge er en exklusiv pre-stream på Spotify.

A brand new Hardcore Superstar album called “HCSS” is to be released! Street day is 22nd of April.

With 7 albums, 7 world tours, gold selling record and many top chart hits Hardcore Superstar has made a massive impact and created an impressing fan base. The party continues with the new album “HCSS” followed to be released 22nd of April 2015. Mixed by Joe Barresi (Slipknot, QOTSA, Soundgarden…) and when they were with Joe in Los Angeles they booked a show at the legendary club in Hollywood The Whiskey Go Go that were sold out.

In London the 11th of March one month before the album release the band will start an exclusive club tour and preform the album from first song till last song followed by many of their hit song. This tour will go through 9 countries over Europe and continue till the album release.

Hardcore Superstars own words and thoughts on the upcoming album:


It all started when a fan gave Martin a copy of a demo we recorded back in -94. We all got very surprised about the great vibe and how good we sounded that early. The tracks were literally drenched in sweat, excitement and inspiration. So when it was time for us to start working on songs for our new album we returned to those demos and relearned those old riffs and by that got inspired for all the new stuff that we came up with.

Basically – to reinvent ourselves we had to go back to the summer of -94 when we first started this band

and through that get in contact with the feeling and the vibe that inspired us in the first place.

That same philosophy goes for the whole album – how we approached the recordings, artwork, choice of the right guy to mix the album and so on. In a way we are backtracking our roots to show ourselves why we once started this band. What we found out is that the very things that got us together in the first place are the same things that still get us going.

So this is nothing less than Hardcore Superstar coming full circle by showing our fans where we come from and what we still believe in!

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