MASKIN släpper debutskiva


Fuzzrockarna MASKIN från Örebro har bekräftat datum för skivsläpp.

Debutalbumet som kommer att heta “Storm” släpps den 3 september. Nedan kan ni se omslaget och läsa ett meddelande från bandet:

We’re happy to announce that the new album will be called “Storm” and is done! You can see the artwork above.

We’ve been working on this songs for almost 2 years. Tweaking them in the live set, working on them in the rehearsal. And now we’re done with an album that we think is totally awesome! It’s actually the third recording of these songs you’ll hear, it’s been an long road, so to speak.

The recording took place in Studio Bombshelter, Studio Tegelbruket and in our own rehearsal (Studio Maskin, of course) with ourselves behind the knobs and levers. We finished the vocals late june and been mixing since then. In Sweden we have summer vacation in july, which suited us perfectly for spending tremendous amount of time on this little sucker.

The songs elaborates from 3 minutes 70′s fuzz to 8 minutes epic fuzz riffing and ends in an acoustic fireside jam. In between we explore the galactic fuzz rock which we’ve been falling in love with over the years. Influences from really early blues to very modern metal is what we strive for.

The album is called “Storm” because it’s one of those rare words that means the same in english as in swedish – which we had set up as a criteria. It’s also a symbol of this album, roaring fuzz delivered with power and segments of calm.

“Storm” is our debut, and we ask you to listen to it when it release on 3rd September 2014. Mark this date in your calendars NOW!

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