ENGEL går skilda vägar med trummis – ersättare klar


ENGEL från Göteborg går skilda vägar med trummisen, Jimmy Olausson. 

Meddelandet från Jimmy lyder:

”Dear Saints,
Due to a serious medical issue I am forced to step down the throne as the drummer of ENGEL.
I have been to fed up with pursuing my goals that I forgot about the most important thing of all, to live life and to be happy.
I’m going to pursue my new dreams and goals in a completely different country, and start my life from scratch.
Music is something that I live for and I will of course continue making music, but in my own phase and on my own.
I’m very sad that its gotten to this but also happy that i finally take control over my life.
I wish Oscar the best of luck, I KNOW that you will have a great time with these awesome guys.
”What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.”
Thanks for the amazing years.
/ Jimmy”

Anledningen till detta beslut är alltså inget bråk eller liknande inom bandet utan snarare av medicinska skäl. Ersättare bakom trumpodiet blir Oscar Nilsson.

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