BOIL lägger ner

Det danska progressive metal-bandet BOIL har meddelat att de lägger ner bandet efter nio år.

Dear fans and friends,

We are truly sad to announce that BOIL, as a band and entity, has been dissolved with immediate effect. This also means that all our planned concerts and tour activity have been cancelled. We have unfortunately reached the end of the line, and closing the last chapter in our musical journey was a joint decision made by all band members in unison due to a mix of unfulfilled artistic goals/rewards and various personal reasons that we will not go into detail with here.

BOIL separate as good friends and with enormous gratitude for the countless fun (and sometimes often also hard and frustrating) hours we’ve shared during our musical endeavors together. We leave behind a legacy of three albums, all of which we are extremely proud of, and all these albums contain fragments of ourselves that will hopefully continue to live on when you, dear fans and friends, listen to our music in the future as well.

Most of us will continue to be involved with music one way or the other, although the path is currently clouded indeed. Lead singer Jacob Loebner will however from now on put all his focus and efforts into his other band “Malrun” that is touring more and more around Europe.

We would like to thank all of you fans, friends and bands who stood by us over the years and believed in us, you know who you are!

But especially we would like to thank Thomas the amazing CEO of our Swedish record label ViciSolum Productions for being a truly wonderful person. We will never forget you standing in the front row at our release concert in Copenhagen this year singing along on our songs while being drunk as a…well… a Swede hehe. And we would also like to thank Lars and Claus from Intromental, our booking/management, for working your asses off trying to carve a way for us through the treacherous path of the thick jungle that is the music industry.

To those of you who still don’t have our latest album “aXiom” you can of course continue to buy it (along with other BOIL merchandise) at Vicisolum Production’s webshop.

Well…this is curtain fall, guess there is nothing left for us to do but bow one last time, thank you all for everything, and sit down in uncomfortable silence.

BOIL (2004 – 2013)


BOIL släppte tre fullängdare, “Vessel” (2007), A New Decay (2010) och Axiom (2013).

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