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Extreme klara med nytt album

Extreme har ett nytt album färdigt.

Extreme har ett nytt album färdigt.

Uppföljaren till 2008 års “Saudades De Rock” väntas släppas senare i år.

Gitarristen Nuno Bettencourt meddelade under ett framträdande på Kylie Olssons YouTube-show “Life in Six Strings”;
“We were gonna release it last March, and the fucking pandemic came along. We debated and debated, and fans are still busting my balls every fucking day (on social media), ‘Where is that album?’ And it’s hard to explain that it’s, like, we can easily put it out — easily. Just, ‘There it is. It’s on iTunes. Go get it.’, Or, ‘It’s on Spotify. Go get it.’ But we’re a touring band. And it might be a little old-school thinking — we wanna come and play this thing for you, and we wanna release it when we come and play it for you — not at the same time; it’ll be soon. But we wanna be able to put it out and then have you be excited about it, live with it, come see the shows, come here, come there and do it. Now, if the pandemic keeps going the way it is, then we’re not gonna be able to have that fucking cake and eat it too.”

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