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Inför Sweden Rock 2022: Intervju med Harem Scarem

Rocknytts intervjuserie ”Inför Sweden Rock 2022” går vidare. Nästa band ut är Harem Scarem.

Rocknytts intervjuserie ”Inför Sweden Rock 2022” går vidare. Nästa band ut är Harem Scarem där Rocknytts Mattias Högström fick ställa några frågor till sångaren Harry Hess.

Ett melodiöst hårdrockband debuterar 1991 och blir förstås “killed by grunge”? Nej, kanadensiska Harem Scarem existerar fortfarande och kan troligtvis skryta med en av sin genres trognaste supporterskaror. Bandets senaste skivor har till fansens glädje återknutit till soundet på klassiska album som “Mood swings” (1993) och “The voice of reason” (1995). I nuet jobbar Harem Scarem på sitt femtonde (!) studioalbum, som vanligt uppbyggt kring Harry Hess röst och Pete Lesperances gitarrspel.

Hi and welcome to Sweden Rock Festival.
If I’m not mistaken this will be the first time for you playing at the festival. What are your expectations of the festival?

We have always heard great thing about the festival and it is really one of the things we wanted to do as a band, now we have the chance to cross it off the bucket list.

What can the fans expect of your show and why would it be stupid to miss it?

All the band members sing so it’s a really close representation of the records. Our hard core fans will know the songs and hopefully we’ll make some new ones.

For those who don’t know about you. Who are Harem Scarem?

We are a Canadian band that has been around for 30 years, making records and playing around the world.

What are the plans for the band in 2022?

Just playing live throughout 2022. Go over to Europe a few times and also planning on a trip to Asia.

How do you feel the climate is for melodic rock today?

Of course it’s not all over mainstream radio anymore but I’m always happy and surprised about how loyal the rock fan base is and support what we do.

If you get some time over will you see any of the other bands at the festival?

For sure, that’s another great part about doing festivals, meeting up with friends from other bands.

Which song do you like the most to perform live?

For me ”No Justice” has always been a favourite, I think because of the fans reaction, people are excited to hear it.

Thank you for taking your time to answer these questions and see you in Norje in June.

Thank you!!!

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