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Inför Sweden Rock 2020: Intervju med Kingdom Come


Rocknytts intervjuserie ”Inför Sweden Rock 2020” går vidare. Nästa band ut är Kingdom Come där Rocknytts Mattias Högström fick ställa några frågor till sångaren Keith St. John.

Det blev succé för Kingdom Comes två första album, fyllda med melodisk och Led Zeppelin-färgad hårdrock: “Kingdom Come” (1988) och “In your face” (1989). Sångaren Lenny Wolf har därpå själv släppt plattor under namnet Kingdom Come fram till 2013. Nu har Lenny dragit sig tillbaka och överlåtit namnet på sina tidigare bandkollegor. Frontade av Keith St. John (Burning Rain, ex-Montrose) bjuder bandets originalmedlemmar på enbart klassiker från ovannämnda två skivor, som “Get it on” och “Do you like it”.

Hi and welcome to Sweden Rock.
Thank You bro and Hello everybody.

This is the first time you will play at Sweden Rock with this line up of the band. What are your expectations of the festival?
Firstly it’s a great honor to sing at this year’s mighty Sweden Rock festival alongside of Guns N Roses, my bandmates in Kingdom Come, and so many of the greatest US and European rock and metal artists. I expect that there will be many curious fans there who have never gotten a chance to see KC with some of the orginal members particularly James Kottak who after the original line up split up spent most of his subsequent years with the Scorpions. Danny Stag’s live guitar performance is chock-full-of all the perfect dynamic bluesy sensitivities that only he can bring to these songs and the whole band is crushing the first two albums (the only ones they played on together) in a way I am sure will light the fans up to the sky. For myself I expect my first experience on the Sweden Rock stage to be epic!

What can the fans expect of your show? I guess there will only be songs from the S/t and In Your Face albums.
We will use every inch of that stage fighting our way as rock warrior brothers through every moment of every song from start to finish without letting up or taking even a split second for granted! It will be a classic show  from beginning to end worthy of the fanship this band earned with their debut in the late 80’s.  …and Yes we will play the cuts these other four magnificent gentlemen recorded in the studio all those years ago.

How has the reception from the fans been since it’s not Lenny Wolf on vocals on this tour?
It’s been very positive right from our very first show together in Seattle where Lenny’s brother Marco Wolf was the first to greet me coming off stage with a full bear hug in congratulations.

Is there any plans of recording an album with this line up?
We have been forging some great riffs and song ideas and we have great writing chemistry together for when the time comes, but nothing official yet.

If you get the time. What shows don’t you want to miss at the festival?
To be honest with you I wish I could see them All!! But if I am required to name just a few, I’d like to check out Mercyful Fate who I’ve never seen, especially with Joey from Armored Saint…I have some interest to check out how Nightwish will sound live with their unique blending of the diverse musical styles they use….My old bud Jimmy Crichton from Saga helped engineer and produce a record I sang on many years ago, so I hope to catch their show… Long Island rock n roll legends Blue Oyster Cult will be performing and this is where I grew up so I will want to see their set…of course LA bros GNR…to name a few.

Last but not least. Will you play Who Do You Love and Gotta Go (Can’t Wage a War)? My two favorite Kingdom Come tracks.
Well the Kingdom Come songlist for the festival will be a full band decision, but I will throw in a bid for your fave’s!  Very cool tracks indeed.

Thanks for taking the time to answer and see you in June.
Very much looking forward to it. Thank You.

Kingdom Come spelar på fredag 5 juni.

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