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Inför Sweden Rock 2019: Intervju med Blue Coupe


Med årets festival krypandes närmare går Rocknytts intervjuserie ”Inför Sweden Rock 2019” vidare. Nästa band ut är Blue Coupe där Rocknytts Andreas Östlund fick ställa några frågor till bandet.

På 70-talet var Dennis Dunaway basist i det klassiska Alice Cooper-bandet, och bröderna Joe och Albert Bouchard var rytmsektionen i den klassiska sättningen av Blue Öyster Cult. Det är dessa tre som i dag utgör Blue Coupe, som för närvarande jobbar på sitt tredje album i eget namn. Självklart är det hederlig hård 70-talsrock det handlar om, och lika självklart är det förstås att setlistan även inkluderar legendariska Alice Cooper- och BÖC-låtar.

Intervju med DD Dennis Dunaway, AB Albert Bouchard och JB Joe Bouchard.

This is the first time Blue Coupe will play on SRF. How does it feel to get up on that stage?
DD – We love big stages. The bigger the better. And we’ve had our eye on SRF for a long time because the choice of bands is always exceptional.
AB – Yes, we’ve played concerts that even in this day and age were exceptionally large. People ask me, “Don’t you get sick of playing Don’t Fear The Reaper?”. My most honest answer is always, no I do not. I loved that song from the first second I heard it and I still do. I don’t get sick of playing festivals either. OTOH SRF is a new area for us as a trio so that makes it extra special. We will bring it!
JB – Festival stages are magical. The crowds are excited, the sound is loud, and we will playing our hits. We will be playing and singing our best.

Do you have any own special memories from Sweden?
DD – I remember how enthusiastic Swedish audiences were in the early 70’s, and more recently, I’m very pleased that the Alice Cooper Paranormal album, which included 3 of my songs, was #6 on the Swedish charts.
AB – My favorite moment from Sweden is traveling by coach in the early Spring of 1978 from Stockholm to Gothenburg by coach and the countryside looked like heaven.
JB – I remember playing at an outdoor concert in Stockholm in the 70s. There were so many beautiful blonde girls! It took your breath away!

What’s Blue Coupe’s thoughts about the SRF setlist?
DD – We have lots of hits in our respective histories, plus our 3 Blue Coupe albums, so the SRF set will be the best of the best.
AB – We both have such deep catalogues (AC&BOC) that it’s hard to find space to play own BC tunes. So, for this one we’re just going to play our best loved songs from each group. But that is not all. We have a bunch of surprises hidden in those hits. You’ll see.
JB – The setlist is great. The cream of our big hits. I only wish we could play a longer set. But there’s so many bands and so much music to be heard. If we do well, we will return with a longer set.

Which bands would you not miss yourself at the festival?
DD – I’d like to see them all but we have tons of interviews lined up, plus we will be joining Ryan Roxie for an acoustic set on Friday. And then Ryan will join us for our show on Saturday. His excellent guitar playing and his great stage presence will make our show extra exciting.
AB – I don’t know my schedule yet so I don’t know but I’d love to hear R Blackmore, UFO, Pete Way, Electric Boys, Tenacious D. Do I have to go on? I will probably wander around and here and there until I hear or see something that is compelling. Then I’ll watch. Fun!
JB – I hope to see a few bands, but since we’re lining up many interviews, there won’t be time for too many. I did want to see Black Mamba from Italy. They rock! Pete Way band is great too. I’ve known Pete since the 70s.

Will you play at some more festivals in 2019?
DD – Definitely. We will be touring in conjunction with our latest album release.
AB – After SRF we’re doing dates in Ohio and playing the Great South Bay Festival in Patchogue NY.
JB – Finishing our latest studio album is our highest priority, but when that’s done we will be booking shows. We love playing for our dedicated fans!

What’s the plan for the band in the near future?
DD – It’s always about music for us. We love what we do and we’re always adding new things to our shows. So upcoming shows will be evolving into new sounds and new visuals.
AB – The main thing is the new record. We’ve really been working hard on this one. We’ve tried to create a balance between all the different styles and influences that we have. We sat down in a room together and hashed it out for over a year before we went into the studio.
JB – A new studio album and more videos to promote that album. We are due for a whole new round of creative work. We love playing shows, writing songs and doing new recordings. It’s going to be a great year for Blue Coupe

Finally, I would like to know what is your favorite song to perform live?
DD – I can’t pick one! I’ll say, “I’m Eighteen,” and “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.”
AB – I love playing Cities On Flame. It wasn’t a big hit but it’s become my signature song over the years. Eventually I figured out how to sing it and play the drums and do a good job at both. So yes, that would be mine. By the way, I did get sick of it once and refused to play it but I got over that. I love it again.
JB – Astronomy is a song that Albert and I co-wrote with the late Sandy Pearlman. It is often cited as the top Blue Öyster Cult fan favorite. It was covered by Metallica on Garage Inc. It is a song that has many facets, soft ballad parts, hard rock rave ups, jamming solos and a wicked climax. That’s one of my favorites.


Sweden Rock Festival äger rum i Sölvesborg den 6-9 juni. Klara band för i år är bl.a KISS, Def Leppard, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, ZZ Top, Slayer, Tenacious D, Disturbed, Saxon, Styx, Dream Theater, UFO, Krokus, Amon Amarth, Hammerfall, Easy Action och många många fler.

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