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Julikonserter på Gröna Lund och Furuvik flyttas fram.

Gröna Lund och Furuvik meddelade idag att de flyttar fram alla sina konserter som skulle ägt rum under juli månad.
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Inför Sweden Rock 2019: Intervju med James Holkworth & The Coolbenders


Rocknytts intervjuserie “Inför Sweden Rock 2019” går vidare. Nästa band ut är James Holkworth & The Coolbenders där Andreas Östlund fick ställa några frågor till James Holkworth.

För första gången på över 40 år är James Holkworth tillbaka i musikbranschen, denna gång med sitt nya band The Coolbenders. Bandet innehåller idel svenska toppmusiker, toppat med den lovande engelsmannen Adam Barron på sång (James kan inte sjunga längre efter en olycka i Kanada 1996 med djur involverade). Om du gillar blues, country och klassisk hårdrock kryddad med slidegitarrer, munspel och galna texter så ska du inte missa det här bandet onsdagen den 5 juni. De utlovar dessutom “skumma saker på scen och en hel del pyroteknik”. Bandets debutalbum släpps i 23 april 2019 men redan nu hittas smakprov på Spotify och YouTube.

This is the first time James Holkworth and the Coolbenders will perform at SRF. How does it feel to get up on that stage?
– This will be my second gig in over 40 years. Last time I played live was in October 1979. Just a few months before I was abducted. Glad I have a fantastic band. We will make people go nuts and confused. Trust me.

Do you have any clue what to expect from the SRF audience?
– Well as I have a good friend who has been working with the festival for 20 years I know that they have the best audience in the world. I have heard that from a lot of people. I hope to see many fists in the air.

What’s is James Holkworth and the Coolbenders thoughts about the SRF setlist?
– I assume you mean the line-up. Well it’s fucking amazing. It’s like being beamed back 40 years. Great mix of styles. Motherfucking psycho. Promoters must be on drugs. Love it.

Which bands would you not miss yourself at the festival?
– I would love to see Pete Way. Great guy. Psycho, but good. He has the best drummer in the world as well (second best after Brian Downey). Blackberry Smoke is the best southern rock band these days and Disturbed have big balls. And Danko Jones of course. Behemoth is interesting as well. They look like me.

Will James Holkworth and the Coolbenders play at some more festivals in 2019?
– No. We will do Silja Rock in April. Then back to the studio. We are in a creating phase.

What’s the plans for the band in the near future?
– We release our debut album “We Want To Be Famous” in late April. Then we will record another 20 songs this summer and release our second album “Porn & Voodoo” in December. Will be a double vinyl with a lot of motherfucking sick songs. Then we will all fly to Nicaragua to attend a yoga class for blues men. After that we will probably tour Europe in 2020

Finally, I would like to know what is James Holkworth favorite song to perform live?
– Of our own songs its “No Deliverance”. A sick fucker about canoes, banjos and shit. Love to do Robert Johnson stuff as well. Sad he went to the crossroads though.

Thanks man. Hope to see you at the festival. Hope my mask wont scare you


Sweden Rock Festival äger rum i Sölvesborg den 6-9 juni. Klara band för i år är bl.a KISS, Def Leppard, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, ZZ Top, Slayer, Tenacious D, Disturbed, Saxon, Styx, Dream Theater, UFO, Krokus, Amon Amarth, Hammerfall, Easy Action och många många fler.


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