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Paul DiAnno behöver ingen närmare presentation, hans karriär talar för sig själv; sångare i IRON MAIDEN innan hans vilda leverne fick honom sparkad från bandet och senare har han varit med i band som BATTLEZONE och KILLERS. Rocknytt fick en kort pratstund med “The Beast” backstage på Metallsvenskan i Örebro efter hans spelning på festivalen.

I presume this isn’t your first visit to Sweden?

– Absolutely not, I’ve been coming here for years, haha!


What do you think of Sweden then?

– Yeah, it’s a good place to come and play in, more bands should do that! I’ve always come here for the past ten years. And I got a swedish band as well.


What kind of image do you think the fans have about you? 

– Haha, they don’t know all about me! But yeah, I’ve been in prison and stuff like that. I do not compromise. I mean, no matter how bad my life have been or whatever I done, I at least stayed true to myself and that’s all that matters. I didn’t get in to music to be a rock star or for the money, I did it because I wanted to play music.


Yeah and you first came in to the punk rock scene and punks lived by the motto “do it yourself”?

– Yeah yeah! And I would say that everything I do is still punk! I wouldn’t be lucky if it was just for the money. I mean, it could all end tomorrow and if it would, I wouldn’t give a fuck. As long as I can take care of my wife and kids.


Do you think that you are sometimes misinterpreted?

– Fuckin’ always! But I don’t give a shit.


But do you think it is just the media that creates that image of you or do youself have some part in it?

– I know I’m a bad boy, I know that I’ve been in prison and been a hellraiser, but so fuckin’ what? That doesn’t mean I’m a bad father! I love my children and I love my wife, I’ve never been unfaithful to her, I love her to death. So that kind of image is bullshit. I take care of my bike club and my family and that’s all they need to know.




Do you ever get tired of playing the same Iron Maiden songs?

– Yeah! We been playing them the last two years, we won’t be doing them the next year. We have played songs from the first two albums as a “thank you” to the fans that have been there for all these years.


So maybe next year you will play more Battlezone or Killers songs?

– Yeah! Because you know, I rather not play than doing the same songs over and over.


One of your recent projects was when you sang the theme song for the documentary “Så jävla metal”. How did you got involved there?

– They contacted me. It was fuckin’ amazing, hehe! I didn’t know about it when they told me “you have been a huge influence for the Swedish heavy metal scene”, so I said “okay let’s do it!”.


So what is your opinion about the Swedish metal scene?

– The bands are awesome! I love a lot of them, especially EUROPE haha!




Haha! Yeah, I understand that you are very big fan of them? They are playing tonight by the way (intervjun skedde fredag den 25 maj, dagen då Europe var headline på Metallsvenskan, förf. anm.).

– Oh yeah! No, I rather die haha! The reason why is the music and the image. They had the big hair, tried to look pretty to make records…that’s not what music come from! Music comes from here (Paul pekar med näven mot hjärtat, förf. anm.).

How is your relationship with the Iron Maiden members nowadays? Do you talk to some of them?

– Oh yeah when we see each other, which is rarely. I live in Brazil and the guys in England. My wife who lives in Florida sees Nicko quite a bit, he lives there too. But yeah, we are still friends.


Last year you were convicted and sentenced to jail for nine months for benefit fraud.

– Yeah. It was a seven year old case, I just thought “fuck it, man”. I pleaded guilty and the judge, who is a bitch, put me away. I only did half the sentence, four months (nyhetsmedia säger dock att Paul avtjänade bara två och en halv månad av sitt straff, förf. anm), so it was good to get home again.


Well, what’s your thoughts about it? Do you regret it?

– Nah, I’ve been to jail all my life. I did time in Los Angeles, I did one year in New York…but you know, it’s a part of my lifestyle.


Vi tackade Paul DiAnno för en trevlig pratstund, även fast ljudet bakom scenen stundtals gjorde det svårt att höra varandra. Paul stannade kvar på Metallsvenskan över lördagen, eftersom han var coach för Iron Maiden Scandinavia FC. Lustigt nog gick han med käpp på lördagen, trots att han rörde sig relativt obehindrat på scenen dagen innan.

Livebild: Sebastian Norling Rauhala


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