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Floridabandet Voz debutalbum var så bra att vi på Rocknytt blev lite mer nyfikna på bandet så vi beslöt att en intervju vore på sin plats och vi fick oss en pratstund med bandets grundare Morrie Vozdecky (sång & gitarr).
Håll till godo!

So, first of all, I really like ‘Shadows of Death’, the energy in the album is great. It’s been a while since you finished it now, did you get any distance between you and the album yet so you can tell us your opinion about it now, did everything work out like you wanted it too?
– Yes there has been enough distance, and for our budget we can’t complain. The songs started off getting mixed by Dave Garcia, guitarist of Metal Band Cage. His help on producing was great. He also played the ending solo on Heaven Cries. Then we took the songs to Jeramie King, drummer of the Metal band The Absence. His studio is Smoke and Mirrors. Jeramie did a lot with Drum arrangements and editing to get the songs sounding even more intense, it was great to work with him.
I also had long time friend Pete Blakk former guitarist of King Diamond play guest solo’s on ‘Witch Hunter’, ‘The Happening’ and ‘Buried by the Light’.

Is there something you would like to change on it?
– I have come a long way vocally since we have recorded ‘Shadows of Death’, So if I had to change anything, it would be to make my vocals more over the top and maybe fix a few arrangements in the songs and have Shane rip more little solo breaks in spots.
I never set out to be a singer, when I first met Shane I sent him a demo of ‘Witch Hunter’ and he asked “who is singing for ya”, and I said “that’s me”.
I wanted him to hear what the song could sound like with vocals and after hearing it, he said “your singing now dude”. So that’s how I got stuck with singing and its one less guy to pay! Haha..!

How’s the press reaction on the album?
– The press has been good. There was one that didn’t like us and someone else wanted us to have more songs, which we had no problem doing, but when you’re paying for the recordings yourself you can only do so much without the help of a label. Bottom line is do what you love doing.

How did the idea of VOZ come up, or rather, how did you guys meet?
– Well the band I was in before was doing nothing and I had enough of trying to motivate guys that didn’t want to stay focused. So since I wrote all the songs I was leaving and the guy that came up with the band name said you’re not using the name, so my last name is Vozdecky and everyone has called me Voz as a nickname so I decided to go with that.Morrie-1 I meet Shane through an add, I sent him a message that I was looking to find guys that wanted to play metal and tour over in Europe and that’s exactly what he was looking for too. Shane Got a hold of a drummer that he had played with for many years John Teer and asked if he wanted to start rehearsing with us. After he heard some of the demo ideas me and Shane put together with scratch programmed drums he liked it and said he was in.

What have you’ve done before VOZ?
– Shane French was in Savatages Jon Olivas band JOP, Circle II Circle, Teer and Millenium with Jorn Lande. John Teer was In Teer and I was in Veins Iced Over.

That’s cool, do you got any musical education or are you self learned?
– I took some music classes in collage and started learning the art of recording later in life. I learned a lot on guitar from Dan from the band Magnafight, he was taught by Tom Hess who’s now in Rhapsody of Fire.
Shane is really good with the music theory and has also started learning Pro-tools for recording.

What do you see as your main instrument, your guitar or your voice?
– I have always been a guitar player first, but now that I have started singing I realize I need to make this my focus!

Yeah, I really like your voice! It’s raw and a bit Ripper’ish. Anyways, what are your influences and do you have any real favorites you look up to?
– My influences on guitar are Lynch, Yngwie, John Sykes, Rudolf and Michael Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Dave Mustaine.
My vocal influences are Dio, Halford, Sean Peck and Klaus Meine.

By the way, I see that you lost your bass player, why did he leave?
– He didn’t want to come to practice and played gigs drunken blind, we can’t have that!

No, you sure can’t have anyone like that in the band!
– Yeah! We’re all about having a good time but you have to keep your eye on the ball. voz-shadows-of-death-cdPeople are paying their hard earned cash to come to shows and the last thing they want to see is some drunk guy hacking his way through a set.

I see and I agree. And now you’ve done some gigs without a bass player now, how’s that been working out?
– We have borrowed some of our friends that play in other bands to play live until we find the right guy for us. Some people in bands think what can the band do for them, well we would like to know what you can do for the band, how can you help the band succeed?!

How’s the US-scene for a band like Voz, is it easy to get gigs and gain a crowd?
– Yes and no, it’s easy to get gigs, but promoters want you to do all the work for getting fans to the show. And they make money off you and the other bands. I tell promoters we did our job we recorded and practiced and spent our time that way. If you call yourself a promoter then it’s your job to promote the show and get fans there.

What lies in the future of VOZ?
– We are playing a Metal fest May 19th in Chicago. Were finishing up a single to release and we have started recording our next cd. To release around the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013.
We have been submitting request to be consider for playing metal festivals in Europe and we hope to get here sometime this year or the next.


How’s your music year been so far, bought anything that’s really good? Seen any gig that’s been a real killer?

– Our year is rolling better than we expected. Our merch is well at our shows and we get more and more turn outs for the shows and a lot of people like what we are doing.
On the personal note, I got the new Cage cd and Empires of Eden cd I think these are killing it. Me and Shane went to the Accept/Sabaton show and also checked out our buds The Absence, they’re a killer band live!

And that was all I had, thanks dude for taking your time!
– No problems, thanks to you aswell!

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