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Sonata Arctica är bandet från Finland som spelat ihop sedan 1999. De har alltså hunnit med en del, bl a att släppa 14 album. Nu kommer de till Skogsröjet som en del av en lång turné som passerar en hel rad festivaler.

Jag får tyvärr inte möjlighet att göra en muntlig intervju med Sonata Arctica men är glad att de kunde svara på några mailfrågor. Jag väljer att publicera den på engelska för att Henrik Klingenbergs ord ska få vara oredigerade. Håll till godo!

Elise: Finland provides a lot of great metal bands. Why do you think it´s so successful?

Henrik:We get asked this a lot and it still baffles me. A big reason might be the long dark winters, where there’s nothing else to do than play music or ski. I think that a Sweden and Norway also have produced a lot of great metal bands compared to how small our countries are so it must be a nordic country thing.

Elise: Sonata Arctica have a long story with 14 albums. If you think back, how would you describe the development of the music during the years?

Henrik: To summarize that in a few senteces it’s too hard. We started out as a pure power metal band and these days there’s more pop and prog influences in the music…the journey in between has taken almost 20 years.

Elise: If someone not yet discovered you as a band yet, how would you describe the soul of your music?

Henrik: I’d play them one of the following of our songs: Don’t say a word, Paid in full or Life.

Elise: What can we expect from you on stage at Skogsröjet?

Henrik: We’re gonna play a few songs from our latest album ‘The Ninth Hour’ and round it up with older live favourites. It’s really hard to make a 60min setlist with the long catalog of music we have but I think we’ve managed to make it work somehow.

Elise: What happens next, during fall 2017 and 2018?

Henrik: In the Sonata Arctica world we’re going to have some time off at the end of 2017. Since the start of The Ninth Hour World Tour in the fall of 2016 we have then played over 130 shows….as there’s no rest for the wicked, we’ll resume the tour in the spring of 2018 but at some point the schedule will ease up so we can start working on our next album.


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