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Italienska SMOKEY FINGERS återfanns på både underteckads och Rocknytts chefredaktörs årsbästalistor där de bl.a. toppade “Årets debutplatta” med “Columbus Way” som för övrigt fick en 9:a i betyg av RN’s recensent Kenneth Gustafsson. Detta uppmärksammades ganska snart av bandet själva som blev glada för utmärkelsen. Vilka är då dessa italienare som älskar klassisk rock och sydstatsrock? Jag tog kontakt med sångaren GIANLUCA PATERNITI och ordnade en kortare intervju med bandet. I intervjun skickar de en passning till Sweden Rock och drömmer om att få vara förband åt LYNYRD SKYNYRD som kommer till Italien senare i år.

smokeyfingers band2– How and when was Smokey Fingers founded?

The idea for this project first took shape in 2006 when Daniele and Diego met for some jam sessions.

The band officialy got founded and the name chosen more or less one year later, when Gianluca and Fabrizio joined the project. We started performing straight away as opening act or in some festivals, even though the tracklist included 5 tracks only.

– How would you describe your sound to the people that haven’t heard your music, and which bands are you inspired by

Our sound could be described as classic rock or southern rock; in fact we get our biggest influence from the 60s/70s with bands such as Beatles and Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and from southern rock; the bands that inspired us the most are indeed Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, Molly Hatchet, Black Crowes and many more.

– Are you listening to any Swedish music (do you have any favorite bands)?

We do admit we don’t know many swedish bands; however, we’ve been listening to the Hellacopters and Mando Diao, and lately we have discovered a swedish southern rock band we really dig, Backdraft.

– If you could be the opening act for any band in any city … what would it be?

On the 13th of June Lynyrd Skynyrd will be playing in Vigevano, and we would really love to be their opening act!!!

columbus way– You’re debut album, ”Columbus Way” was released in September, can you describe that record and how has it been received by fans/media?

“Columbus Way” doesn’t mean to put forward alternative or experimental music nor to “invent” some new way of playing rock. It’s a simple classic/southern rock album which, we believe, includes some awesome tracks. We have just started receiving comments and they all turned out to be positive. Honestly, we would have never expected such a good reaction, also as far as sales are concerned.

– If you have to choose only one favorite song from that record, which song would it be and why?

It’s not easy for us just to pick one of them; if we really had to choose one we would pick “Old Jack” because it was the first one we put together as a band, and it made us understand our potential. 

– What are your plans for 2012?

We have many gigs on schedule and many more to come. (more info We hope we’ll be playing in some festival this summer (both in Italy and in Europe).. Maybe it’s a bit late for the Sweden Rock Festival, but we have high expectations for 2013!!

– Thank you for the interview and have a nice day!

You too, and to all the readers and fans of ROCKNYTT. 


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