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Jiří Valter, eller Big Boss som han föredrar att kalla sig, är frontmannen i kultbandet ROOT som tjugo år efter konceptalbumet Kärgeräs nu släpper uppföljaren Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion via Agonia Records. Skivan är den trettonde (beroende på hur man räknar) i bandets diskografi, som bland annat innehåller klassikerna Zjevení och Hell Symphony.

Rocknytts Niklas Webjörn har fått en intervju med Big Boss som bland annat berör hans roll som grundare av Church of Satan i Tjeckien, vänskapen med Watains Erik Danielsson och naturligtvis om det nya albumet.

(Inom kort kommer recension av skivan…)

It was twenty years ago that ROOT released the Kärgeräs album, and in november 2016 you’re fulfilling your promise of a sequel. Why now?

I wrote both parts in 1993 and 1994 but ROOT was not so active band during a few upcoming years so we simply did not record the second part. Some personal changes appeared and we recorded other albums later. It was necessary to close this story so we used both actual jubileums for it because it´s tenth ROOT album and the band is going to celebrate thirty years anniversary in 2017. So the the story about the proud nation is closed now and you can listen to it on “Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion”. We work on the upcoming album already.

Can you give the readers a brief outline of the Kärgeräs story?

Kärgeräs is till the same Nation I invented back then and who were doomed by their own fault by the Grandiose Magus Equirhodont and his monster named Dygon. Now the sons of the Grandiose Mages come to ask him to return them to their lives.The rest of the story is on our new album. I will not tell you more :o) It is a direct continuation of the Kärgeräs album from 1996. My own closure of the story which I wrote back in the nineties. I promised once that one day I would finish that story and so I am keeping this promise. Many fans have been waiting for it since the first “Kärgeräs” album. Now they can finally get it and can enjoy another part of this story. I’m looking forward to listeners’ opinions about this new masterpiece. The album is simultaneously a gift directly to Kärgeräs album fans. It´s very important because there are many fans of ROOT who prefer just some of our albums. And “Kärgeräs” is the special one.

Where did the idea of the Kärgeräs-story came from? And what about the Equirhodont and Lykorian characters?

I don´t know. Just got the idea then. I came up with the proud Nation and the story about this nation. Equirhodont is a Grandiose Magus and Lykorian (Master of Storm) is his son.

Ever considering doing the Kärgeräs albums in full, live? Or some other project, like an epic music video?

I don´t think so. We play actually one song from the first Kärgeräs-album and plan to add about four songs from the new one. And if we´ll shoot both albums as the video or movie? Give us a milion SEK and we can start;-) But we plan some two or three clips.

Root live på Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2016 i Müchen
Root live på Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2016 i Müchen

You are the founder of the Church of Satan in Czechoslovakia, and have even translated LaVeys The Satanic Bible (among other books). Many people find satanism scary and/or offending. What kind of resistance have you encountered?

People are afraid of the truth which Satanism talks about. They rather live in hypocrisy and lies because it is easy and comfortable. Two local and incignificant christians – the pastor with a chaplain – along with the mayor of the small city Valašské Klobouky prohibited ROOT´s show some weeks ago. The official statement was „fear of Satanism“. Czech major medias published articles about this first prohibited ROOT´s show since 1988. Some people don´t like satanic thoughts and scare!

I’ve read that you reject organizised satanism. So, how does satanism permeat your daily life?

I passed the entire leadership and the organisation to young people and went on by my own way of Subterranean Elite. The satanic philosphy shows you the way but you must go alone on it. You simply cannot repeat what you read somewhere. Choose your path and go. You can get everything then.

A lot of the black metal bands have named ROOT as a big inspirational source and even one of the most important forefathers of black metal. How do you respond to that legacy?

We are very proud of it, of course. But bands should find their own way, their original songwriting to leave here something behind.

You have made some collaborations with swedish black metal singer/artist Erik Danielsson (Watain), can you tell us about it? How come you know each other?

Erik is totally amazing man. He created the cover art work for ROOT´s „Heritage of Satan“ album as well as ROOT´s shirts´ designs… We are really good friends and we prepare special surprise with Erik for our next album 😉

You don´t want to label ROOT label black metal, but dark metal?

ROOT´s totally different band from other ones. ROOT is not typical black metal and we don´t want to be sounding as other black metal bands because many of these bands sound pretty similar or almost the same often. ROOT is much more into mystical and deeper dark music. If you want, we usually say Dark Metal or simply ROOT music 😉

What can we expect from ROOT in 2017? Gigs, tours and so on?

We are going to celebrate the whole 2017 season because it´s 30 Years Anniversary of ROOT. We´ll play some special shows, we´re flying to Romania and more, for the first time to USA where ROOT´s confirmed for Maryland Deathfest. Other killer shows to be announced soon. Big thanx for the interview! Stay Proud !

Thank YOU Big Boss! Good luck with everything. May the Dark Force be with you.


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