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Thundermother är ett Stockholmsbaserat band som lirar köttigt elektrisk rock’n’roll i samma okonstlade skola som AC/DC, Girlschool och Motörhead. De bildades 2010 och har släppt två fullängdare – Rock ‘n’ Roll Disaster (2014) och Road Fever (2015). Det är dessutom det enda samtida band som kan komma undan med att sjunga “Yeah, yeah, yeah” och få det att låta äkta.

På fredag spelar de på Bråvalla festival i Norrköping. Rocknytts Niklas Webjörn fick chansen att ställa några frågor till bandets irländska sångerska Clare Cunningham.

Hey! Thank you for taking time to do an interview with Rocknytt on such short notice. On Friday you play at Bråvalla festival in Norrköping. A classic sport’s question: How does it feel?

– We are SO happy!!! It’s such a huge festival, so really happy to be part of it!!


How would you describe Thundermother for those who have not heard you yet?

– We are 5 hardcore ladies with balls of energy, living for rock n roll!! Doing our best to keep the revival of the 70s sound!

You have released two full length albums, which received very good response among some famous rockstars. It is said that God/Lemmy liked you. Can you tell us something about this?

– Yes, we are very fortunate to have a lot of big names in the industry who like and support what we do! Yes, Lemmy was a fan and there was a possibility we were going to tour with Motörhead this year until the very tragic loss of Lemmy. He was such an icon so we really hope we can do what we can to keep his legacy going!

Do you agree that a large part of your raw sound is based on the guitar model Gibson? (The same configuration as Pete Townsend, Robby Kreiger and – of course – Angus Young tract off.)

– Yes! But it’s also thanks to Marshall JCM900 that has this classic rock n roll sound. Gibson combined with Marshall is not only a good combination – it’s the best one. We will never use anything else. We tried it all and Thundermother is based upon this sound.

The band members are spread out all over the country. How does it work out with rehearsals, recordings, tours and other related rock ‘n’ roll to life?

– It does make it a little difficult to get together, especially for rehearsals. But we do what we can when we are all in the same city!
When it comes to recording we plan in advance so we can do it at a time we are available. It’s do-able but of course it would be better if we were together more often!!

Are there any bands that you definitely do not intend to miss at Bråvalla festival?

– There are SO many amazing artists! I can’t speak for all the girls of course but as a band we are all very excited for Tenacious D and of course our dear friends in Icona Pop! And I personally (Clare) can’t wait to see ‘Mumford and Sons’, ‘House of Pain’, ‘Flogging Molly’, ‘Bullet for my Valentine’ and ‘Hardwell’ who I only saw in Fenuary in Dubai and he was amazing!!

What happens next? Any plans for a new album? Gigs?

– We are currently writing for the 3rd album and doing some recording in September along with collaborating with some Dutch TV show which will be exciting!
And throughout the summer we have all the festivals to play including ‘Summer Breeze’, ‘Masters of rock’, ‘Alcatraz’,’Rock Fest Barcelona’ and in November we have a headlining tour all over Europe which will be great!

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future!

Thundermother is:
Clare Cunningham (vocals)
Filippa Nässil (lead guitar)
Giorgia Carteri (rhytm guitar)
Linda Ström (bass)
Tilda Stenqvist (drums)



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