Inför Sweden Rock 2016: Intervju med Michael Schenker

Intervjuserien ”Inför Sweden Rock 2016” fortsätter. Nästa band ut är Michael Schenker Fest. Rocknytts Sebastian Ekblom Bak fick chansen att ställa några frågor till Michael Schenker.

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Intervjuserien ”Inför Sweden Rock 2016” fortsätter. Nästa band ut är Michael Schenker Fest. Rocknytts Sebastian Ekblom Bak fick chansen att ställa några frågor till Michael Schenker.

Intervjun publiceras på engelska.

First of all, welcome back to Sweden once again. Michael Schenker Fest, who initiated the idea for this set up and what are your thoughts for the show?

-Temple of Rock is taking a break and it is now the time to celebrate my past with original Singers. It started in Japan last year with Graham Bonnet and continues now at Sweden Rock with Gary and Robin included. Leif Sundin will also take part at Sweden Rock.

It is actually developing into a show I want to take around the World. We already have confirmed a Japan Tour in August and we are looking at the UK at the moment. Eventually I want to add Temple of Rock and perform my past and current with all original Singers.

Barden, Bonnet and McAuley… 3 different sets of voices. What are the biggest differences for you regarding playing with these guys? Are there any differences considering your guitarplaying?

-Gary, Graham and Robin are all 3 very different singers from different eras. That makes the whole thing very unique and interesting. Those different eras were also different eras in my guitar playing development.

By putting this together, the Fans can enjoy going back in time and realize the difference of those eras in one show.

Also, it is a fantastic opportunity for New Comers and the new generation to experience how it was back then.

The Sweden rock Festival is as Always pretty much sold out, What do you know about the festival and what are your expectations?

-Sweden Rock is always fun to play at and especially this time I am looking forward to it with this unique line up.

Im really looking forward to hear you play with mr McAuley one again. A lot of people loved the releases you made together. How do you feel about playing those songs again?

-It’s fun and reminds me of those days.

Can you tell us something about the train of thoughts youre having when you are putting together a set for a show like this?

-It’s important to keep a good balance. I want to include all my past so I have to pick in a way that there will be something of everything from my most popular music from my past which includes UFO which was a very important part of my development as a guitarist.

In general, how do you feel about playing festivals?

-I love Festivals.

Finally, we are very proud to have a big, rich Heavy Music scene here in Sweden. Are there any acts that have caught your attention? If, so, who and why?

-I stopped listening and copying music at age 17 to focus on pure self expression. I have very little knowledge of what is out there but I am sure that there is lots of fantastic stuff going on.

Thank you for your time and good luck with the show on Saturday.

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