Inför Sabaton Open Air 2015: Intervju med Brainstorm


Tyska Brainstorm skulle ha spelat på festivalen redan förra året, men ställde in. I år SKA de komma – så vi pratade lite med sångaren Andy B Franck för att höra mer om detta – och vad de håller på med i övrigt.

If you should describe Brainstorm to someone who has never heard of you – what would you say?
– Hmm… let’s say we’re a german metal band sounding very american, and what you hear is what you get: full power, full energy and a band, who is really addicted to metal. Think, if your into powerful music, if you’re into music you can metal up your ass to,… here it comes to BRAINSTORM! Very heavy riffs, pounding drums and melodic but energetic vocals… That’s it! Need more? So listen to us, enjoy and bang your head, hahaha!

And at the moment you are working on a new album?
– it’s our 11th album and as far as I can tell it sounds very, very heavy. The name of the album is “Scary Creatures” and the album combines all our trademarks we’re well known for, but the sound and especially the songs do sound way more aggressive than on our latest albums. So far we’ve recorded 13 tracks, but I have no idea what songs will be on the album. Depends on how my vocals work out in the end, hahahaha…! But anyhow, Scary Creatures is going to be a big step in the career of Brainstorm. Achim Köhler will be the producer again and we’re all very excited to release this metal monster in early January 2016.

Do you have anything else planned? Tours, other festivals, gigs etc?
– Not for this year as we will focus on the new album. There are some festivals in the fall or winter as well, but the main focus is now on Scary Creatures. Think that’s enough work now!

You were supposed to play Sabaton Open Air last year. What happened?
– Yes, that was REALLY sad, and as far as I remember, it was my fault!? I didn’t get free time from my job. It all happened a few weeks before the festival, and I was extremely sad that we had to cancel the show. To be very honest: I did not expect, that we would be invited again,… but you can’t imagine how happy we were – especially me – after receiving another invitation to this very outstanding festival. It’s great! We know SABATON since many, many years and if there’s a band around who deserves the big success: it’s SABATON! They combine everything: great songs, great show and a band who shows exactly what we all want to see: fun! Fun in what they’re doing. So we are happy that we will make it this year, and yes, I’ve already booked my ticket, so there’s no doubt about it – we will be there to rock the place!

What can the audience expect from your show in Falun?
– Oh, I think a lot of fans already know us… but to all the others: songs and a show full of power and energy! Anything else? Yes – metal to the max! Haha!

Finally – the best festival show you have seen? What band/festival/year?
– Haha…hey, that’s unfair! As a big Iron Maiden Fan, it’s always a festival where Iron Maiden is headlining. But I’ve seen many, many good shows and festivals… Slipknot was pretty funny… Amon Amarth last year was great again, aaaah…too many to count and too many to tell, so anyhow: Any show, where the crowd gets great songs and a great show is a great festival! So I’m pretty sure,… this Festival is going to be a highlight as well!!

Brainstorm ser ni på lördag 15 augusti kl 17.15.

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