Black Stone Cherry
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Inför Sweden Rock 2024: Intervju med Black Stone Cherry

Årets upplaga av Sweden Rock Festival är nu endast en dryg vecka bort. Rocknytts Mattias Högström ställde några frågor till Black Stone Cherrys gitarrist Ben Wells inför festivalen.

Hi and welcome back to Sweden Rock Festival.

Thank you, we’re excited to be back!

What expectations do you have ahead of the show?

Sweden has always treated us awesome and we know we can count on the same energy from the crowd as we bring to the stage!

Do you have any fun memories you can share from your previous visits to the festival?

We made great friends with the catering staff last time we were there in 2014.  They all wore our shirts so that was fun!

How do you think about the setlist when you play at a festival?

It’s hard.  Especially when you have 8 albums out!  Depending on the set length, we always try to make sure we cover all the bases while keeping it high energy!

Which one of your songs do you enjoy the most to perform? And why?

When The Pain Comes is the newest addition to the list, so it’s still very fresh!

What can the fans expect from a Black Stone Cherry show in 2024?

Energy.  Honesty. Passion.  Authentic to ourselves!

Are there any of the other bands this year you really want to see?

I need to look at the list again, but Sweden Rock always has a great lineup!

You released your latest album “Screamin’ at the Sky” in September. How has the reception been for it?

It’s been amazing so far!  From hearing how certain songs have touched people to seeing tattoos of the lyrics and album art, it’s incredible!

If we put the economic aspects aside. Which artist or band would you like to collaborate with?

If we’re talking bands that are still touring, Aerosmith!

After you have left the stage at Sweden Rock what do you hope the audience will bring with them from your performance?

I hope they feel inspired.  Moved by not just the music, but the passion and energy we pour into it.

Black Stone Cherry spelar fredag 7 juni, kl. 15:00 på Rock Stage.

Sweden Rock Festival går av stapeln i Norje, Sölvesborg 5-8 juni.
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