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Inför Sweden Rock 2024: Intervju med DeWolff

Årets upplaga av Sweden Rock Festival är nu endast en dryg vecka bort. Rocknytts Effie Trikili ställde några frågor till DeWolffs keyboardist Robin Piso inför deras allra första spelning på festivalen.

Hello and welcome back to Sweden! This time you’re playing Sweden’s biggest rock festival, how does it feel?
It’s amazing! We’ve only done a couple of Swedish shows last year and already we get to play this crazy festival! We can’t wait! And also, The Black Crowes are one of our favorite bands of all time, and they are playing on the same day. Hopefully not on the same time..

You released your latest album “Love, Death and In Between” last year, what’s the story behind it?
The album before was Wolffpack. This one we made during the pandemic, so with as little human contact as possible. The last album was a reaction to that. Us three went with 8 other musical friends to a studio in the middle of nowhere in France to record with as much human connection as possible. All recorded live at the same time, no dubs. You can really feel that energy of 11 people making music together.

How hard is it to put together a setlist for a festival gig?
You usually have less time to play than a show in a venue. So it’s harder to choose. Usually we play a couple of high energy songs which work really well at festivals, but also we try to have some dynamic in the set. One or two songs will be more subtle. On the last album is a song which is live over 23 minutes. We love playing it live, but on a festival set of 45 minutes, it takes up almost half of the set. Usually we do it anyway, and the audience seems to love it every time!

What was the first album you bought with your own money?
Haha, well, when I was about 10 years old, I listened to the vinyl records of my parents in the living room. I wanted to listen to music in my own room too, but could only have a cd player there. So the first album I bought was de CD version of a vinyl record from my parents: Summer Day Reflection Songs. A compilation album by Donovan. I know, not very rock n roll, but half a year later I was mostly into Nirvana. So that kind of makes up for it.

Do you have any favorite songs to play live, which ones and why?
We love playing that 23 minute song called Rosita. It is a musical journey that takes you to high energy gospel, to groovy swampy southern rock, to quiet subtle ballads. It encompasses almost every aspect of DeWolff. Also the combination/medley of Nothing’s Changing and Freeway Flight is a new favorite. It allows me to go full on Jon Lord style rock organ.

What was the latest album you listened to in its entirety?
I almost always listen to albums in it entirety. Nowadays it’s normal to listen to Spotify playlists, but I think that most of the music I listen to was meant to be listened to as an album. Today I listened to Dylan LeBlanc’s Paupers Field. 14 years ago I found this record and absolutely loved it. Last week we got to record a song with him. Those 14 years ago I would have never thought that I would ever get to record with him. The same goes for the Black Crowes, where we got to tour with through Europe last year. I still feel very blessed for every path this musical journey takes me on.

Do you have any special and/or “creative” wishes in your rider that you could share with us?
I usually bring a small cocktail bar with me on tour. We have limes, basil and cane sugar on the rider. I make the sugar syrup on the spot, cut the limes, muddle the basil and shake it all into a tasty gin Basil Smash. The whole band and crew absolutely love it. It makes the shows better too, haha.

If you don’t have to worry about financial (economical) aspects, is there a band or artist you would like to collaborate with and why?
It would be awesome to record an album with Dan Auerbach. He’s an amazing musician, but produces amazing records as well. If Chris Robinson would join on vocals, that would definitely be the dream.

If you have time, will you be seeing any bands at the festival – which ones?
As you may have guessed: The Black Crowes, haha.

What should the festival audience expect from your performance at Sweden Rock?
I think DeWolff can be a breath of fresh air between all those heavy rock bands on the festival. If people want a dynamic set, lots of guitar/organ/drum solos, southern rock harmonies and a gospel preaching singer, they’ve gotta come to the show!

Thank you for your time and see you in Norje in a week!

DeWolff spelar torsdag 6 juni, kl. 16:15 på Blåkläder Stage.

Sweden Rock Festival går av stapeln i Norje, Sölvesborg 5-8 juni.
Deltagande band är Journey, Judas Priest, Five Finger Death Punch, Alice Cooper, Parkway Drive, The Black Crowes, Megadeth, Evanescence, Avantasia, The Hives, W.A.S.P., Rival Sons, Bruce Dickinson, Dimmu Borgir, Electric Callboy, Kerry King, Extreme, Hammerfall, Michael Schenker Group, Dismember, Winger, Steel Panther, Graveyard, The Darkness, Satyricon, Slaughter To Prevail, Beast In Black, Battle Beast, Gloryhammer, Heavy Laod, Nestor, Thy Art Is Murder, Ice Nine Kills, Black Stone Cherry, Biohazard, Primal Fear, Talisman, High On Fire, Pain, Zeal & Ardor, Swedish Erotica, Treat, Hulkoff, Richie Kotzen, Carcass, The Haunted, Riverside, The Baboon Show, Lillasyster, Tyketto, Igorrr, Riot V, Imminence, Canned Heat, Orden Ogan, Decapitated, Dream Evil, Bullet, Electric Boys, Dewolff, Týr, Lucifer, Cirith Ungol, Mystic Prophecy, The Southern River Band, Humanity’s Last Breath, Vltimas, Avatarium, Vicious Rumors, Truckfighters, Spiders, Gaupa, The Gems, Dampf, Iron Savior, Skraeckoedlan, Care Of Night, The Dahmers, Prins Svart, The Cruel Intentions, Scarlet, Eternal Evil, F.K.Ü., Velveteen Queen, Xion, Chainsaw Holiday, Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire band, Hellgroove, Nazghor, Rexoria, Svarta Sanningar, The Drippers, We Are To Blame och Rockklassiker Allstars.

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