Inför Sweden Rock 2024: Intervju med Týr

Årets upplaga av Sweden Rock Festival går av stapeln 5-8 juni 2024 och vi laddar upp med intervjuer med banden som spelar. Rocknytts Mattias Högström har ställt ett par frågor till Týrs sångare och gitarrist Heri Joensen.

Hi and welcome back to Sweden Rock Festival. The last time Týr played at the festival was way back in 2007 so it’s about time you’re back.

What expectations do you have ahead of the show?

Hello and thank you. It’s hard to say exactly what my expectations are. I’ve been there only the one time, in 2007, and I liked it very much. I hope the festival still looks like it used to, and I hope the weather is just as good as last time we were there. This time I hope to bring sunscreen.

Do you have any fun memory you can tell from your previous visit here?

One detail really sticks out in my mind when I think back to when we played Sweden Rock 2007. We played during the daytime and we were not prepared for such very good weather. We played for 45 mins or more and the blazing sun was directly on us the whole time. We had no way to get any shade of course. We had to keep playing so I got the worst sunburn of my life on that show. I was peeling skin off my arms and chest for weeks after that.

How do you think about the setlist when you play at a festival?

Our setlist is pretty much decided by a poll on our Facebook group, The Great Heathen Army of Týr. We ask people there to vote which songs they want to hear live and we follow that quite closely. The sequence of the songs is also important and we try to not play new songs or similar sounding songs next to each other. We start with a banger and then we play them mostly from least to most popular throughout the show. There are some deviations from this because of other considerations but that’s the basic formula.

Which one of your songs do you enjoy the most to perform? And why?

Blood of Heroes and Hold The Heathen Hammer High I really enjoy playing. Those songs get the best reactions from the audience and that’s what I have come to value most at the shows. Those songs also have a very pleasing harmonic structure and it’s satisfying from a theoretical point of view to go through those motions and movements.

What can the fans expect from a Týr show in 2024?

We play a few new songs and all the good oldies that people expect to hear from us. We are all absolutely ecstatic to be able to tour again. The band has been close to dormant since covid hit. Now it finally looks like things are going back to the way they were before and maybe even better than that. I hope our joy of performing again will reach the audience as well.

Are there any of the other bands this year you really want to see?

Honestly, I haven’t checked the line-up yet. We will have to leave already the next morning so unless the bands play on the same day as us we will not have a chance to see them. This is not something I usually try to do anyway. I have my hands full already making sure our own show goes well. I will probably take a look at the festival grounds after our show and see what there is and I might check out a band or two if I like what I’m hearing. I will not make specific plans beforehand.

You’ve just released your new album “Battle Ballads”. What can you tell us about it and how has the reception been?

The album is much more concise than Hel our second latest album from 2019. This one is more like The Lay of Thrym or By the Light of the Northern Star if people are familiar with those albums. And the novelty on Battle Ballads, compared to all our previous albums, is that we have used orchestrations on this album. I think it reaches a new level of epicness with that addition. Apart from that it’s not that different from our older stuff. We use folk melodies and folk inspired melodies, a classical approach to the structure of the music, and we make the best riffs and melodies that we possibly can. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. We just got the US and Canadian charts for the release and it did quite well, for example #10 on the Current Hard Music Albums chart on US billboard. The audience reaction has been excellent and the sales have been far over expectations.

If we put the economic aspects aside. Which artist or band would you like to collaborate with?

It would be nice to have some collaboration with Judas Priest or Iron Maiden. Those bands were absolutely essential in the musical upbringing of the members of Týr. In the past we have been on tour with Amon Amarth and Sabaton. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to co-operate with those bands.

After you have left the stage at Sweden Rock what do you hope the audience will bring with them from your performance?

I hope the audience will feel that we reached them with our stories, melodies and harmonies. I hope they will feel that we connected with them and entertained them in an honest fashion, that we took them somewhere far away for an hour.

Týr spelar onsdag 5 juni, kl. 19:00 på Blåkläder Stage.

Sweden Rock Festival går av stapeln i Norje, Sölvesborg 5-8 juni.
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