ROBIN BECK om hennes kommande Sverigebesök: “I want the audience to enjoy the music and my silliness”


För ett år sen charmade hon alla med sitt leende på Sweden Rock Festival och bjöd på hit efter hit, jag talar så klart om AOR-drottningen Robin Beck. Ett år senare besöker hon Sverige igen, denna gång för en spelning på Göta Källare i Stockholm. Rocknytts Effie Trikili fick låna en liten stund och ställa ett par frågor till denna charmiga kvinna. Funderar ni fortfarande på om ni ska gå på denna spelning? Låt henne övertyga er om varför den är ett måste!

First of all, welcome back to Europe and Sweden! Stockholm this time, are you excited?
Robin: Yes! It’s always an extreme pleasure to come back to where it all began.

I’ve been looking forward to see you again since the last time you visited Sweden. You’ve been working on a new album, how has the work with it been?
Robin: Very intense. We’ve had a lot of distractions this time around. My only child 🙂 my daughter Olivia, who you will meet here in Sweden, graduated High School and the preparation for college has been very time consuming. Finally it’s here and in the fall James and I will have that good old empty nest syndrome. The album will probably reflect the breath we will be allowed to finally take after a very long year.

So, in this visit in Scandinavia/Europe, you’re coming with both husband & daughter. Will this be the first time you will be performing all together?
Robin: Yes and No… Olivia and have done certain things together and especially in the studio. This will be her first time coming up on stage with me. I’m hoping she’ll come to the front for a song or two but it’s not a sure thing. Kids!

We did a short interview before you played Sweden Rock Festival last year. You were talking about that you were both excited & yikes about it. A year later, how do you think it went?
Robin: I had a blast at Sweden Rock!!! I wish I could do it every year. It was so lovely to see so many stand up to the stage and their wild eyes and smiles said it all. It was a blissful experience.

And what are your thoughts around these gigs you’re doing now? You’ll be the star of the show and won’t be sharing stage time with other bands…
Robin: Won’t be the first time, lol. I’m always a little nervous. I want the audience to enjoy the music and my silliness. I am a very silly girl. Very normalizing rather than rock star attitude. I want everyone to feel like I am approachable. It’s important that my audience understand that I love them as much as they do me.

You’re starting off this tour in Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm is the only show you’re doing in Sweden. I was wondering if there is anything you would like to visit while in Stockholm?
Robin: Surprise me 🙂 I’ve been around Stockholm by way of water and a little bit on the countryside. There never seems to be enough time to truly see the sites and enjoy the place.

You live in the US, still your latest gigs have been in Europe. Do you have any plans for a more extensive tour?
Robin: At the moment I am looking ahead to the end of this year for a 3 week tour. Always planning!

I know there are a couple of people out there, curious to find out what musicians you’re taking with you on tour this time?
Robin: While I’m in Sweden Tommy Denander will join us on stage for a couple of songs but the band this time around will have a different keyboard player by the name of Samuel Carlsson. James on bass, Jorge Salan on guitar, Pontus Engorg on drums and the amazing Olivia (Liv Beck) may pop up for some stuff.

Looking back to your long carrier, what do think was the most important moment in it?
Robin: The most important moment was my very first record deal and having a hit song. What could be more exciting than the dream?

Finally, what can we expect from your upcoming shows? Why should someone come out to see you?
Robin: Everyone is invited. It’s personal and it’s gonna be real. The band will kick ass and I will do everything in my power to live up to the expectations of my audience. I hope more than anything that they come for the love and for the music that lives within it. Come out if your curious. Come out if you love my music and above all, come out because you know it will be fun 🙂
Love to all and keep Rockin’! 


ROBIN BECK står på Göta Källares scen, imorgon söndag den 24/5. Biljetter hittar ni HÄR

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