Inför Sweden Rock 2023: Intervju med Spidergawd

Årets upplaga av Sweden Rock Festival är bara dagar bort och går av stapeln 7-10 juni. Vi laddar upp med intervjuer med banden som spelar på festivalen, Andreas Östlund har ställt ett par frågor till Spidergawd om deras spelning på festivalen.

Have you played at Sweden Rock before and what are your expectations for the festival?We have not played this festival before. We’re all experienced musicians who have played with and for other bands.But no, I don’t think any of us have played this festival before. (Not that I know of…)Any bands that you yourself will take the opportunity to see when you are still in place?Hehe…yes, a lot! – Of course. The line-up for this year’s Sweden Rock is insane…!But you know, this is our job. And we’re off to other gigs the next day.
“All and work and no play makes Per a dull boy”What is it like to play at a festival, compared to a club or arena?Norway is a pretty big country, and we (Spidergawdians) don’t live in the same city. So it kind of goes without saying that we are a typical big-club-touring-band. Festivals are great fun too, of course, don’t get me wrong.But, the tours are what makes this band a band.Apart from Sweden Rock, what else will happen in the summer of 2023?Some festivals here and there, but next year will be an album release year and 10 yr anniversary, so we’re kind of having a breather this year even though we did a pretty big European tour this spring due to postponed covid-gigs.Best live band of all time?Oh….that’s just too hard to answer. Sorry. There are soooo many angles to answer that question and the answers willbe way too many. But I guess AC/DC in the late 70’s would be able to blow any other band off stage at that time.Any festival that is on the wishlist, apart from SRF then?We’ve never played Hellfest. I’m pretty sure that would be a blast.What characterizes a good festival?I’m a Norwegian, and so there is only one answer to that question… Nice weather!

Sweden Rock Festival går av stapeln i Norje, Sölvesborg 7-10 juni. Deltagande band är Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Ghost, Deep Purple, Europe, Pantera, Alter Bridge, Gojira, Behemoth, Blue Öyster Cult, Clutch, Airborne, Billy Gibbons, Testament, Wolfmother, Lita Ford, Raised Fist, Skid Row, U.D.O., Symphony X, Monster Magnet, H.E.A.T, Kamelot, Jinjer, TNT, Napalm Death, Mammoth WVH. Katatonia, Threshold, Avatar, Myrath, British Lion, Marduk, Coney Hatch, Angra, Tribulation, Spidergawd, Spiritbox, Mike Tramp och många fler!

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Spidergawd spelar på Blåkläder Stage, Onsdag 7 juni, kl. 15:15

Ron Dahlgren

Ron Dahlgren


Nina Dahlgren

Nina Dahlgren


Mange Byström

Mange Byström


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