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Med 50 dagar kvar till Sweden Rock Festival, fortsätter vi med serien “Inför Sweden Rock 2014”. Nästa band ut i denna serie är FIVE HORSE JOHNSON. Rocknytts Christian Larsson fick chansen att ställa några frågor till bandets sångare Eric Oblander.

Five Horse Johnson från Toledo, Ohio är ett av de mest originella banden inom vår tids bluesrock. Deras sound innehåller, förutom de traditionella ingredienserna, en god portion stoner. Under perioden 1996-2006 släppte Five Horse Johnson sex album och turnerade världen över med polarna i Clutch. Därefter tog de timeout med undantag bl.a. för det bejublade framträdandet på Sweden Rock 2011, men släppte i början av 2013 comebackalbumet ”The taking of Black Heart”. Låten ”You’re my girl”, en duett mellan sångaren Eric Oblander och Cheap Tricks Robin Zander, hamnade för övrigt på Classic Rock Magazines lista över ”songs you need to hear right now”.

– Your first album since 2006 was released last year, “The Taking Of Black Heart”, how was the response from media and fans and what have you been up to since the release of that comeback album?

Well, the response after the release of TTOBH was great. It seemed to get nice reviews and the fans have told us they dig it. I think it’s a case of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” meets hard work.

We took some time off because I finished college and had a kid. That put things on hold for a while, plus we were lucky enough to again have JP Gaster from Clutch play drums on our album and his schedule is pretty damned hectic too. So by the stars aligned it was about 6 years! Went by fast!

– It’s been three years since you played at Sweden Rock during your hiatus, what are your memories of that gig?

The last time we played the SRF was one of the best live experiences I’ve we’ve ever had. Such a great and HUGE crowd of rockers. It’s rare to find festivals with such knowledgeable (about us) fans, but they were really cool and into it. I took some pictures from stage. It still blows me away to see that many faces!

– Your last show was highly acclaimed, what can the fans expect from your performance this summer?

Our set is a good mix of new jams and old “hits”. We try to keep it pretty fresh, so we’ll toss a few covers or odd-ball deep FHJ cuts in too. Also, I’ll try not to swear to much *haha*!

– What is best with Swedish fans?

Swedish fans DO NOT fuck around. It’s pedal to the metal, balls out rocking from “Hello” to “Good night”. The swedes are rad. We have lots of friends in Sweden like the Backdraft guys and our main dudes Johannes and Sab Lindström and we love to hang out with all those dudes too.

Hell, one time The Hellacopters came out to see us play in Sweden. They told us that they had just played our hometown of Toledo, Ohio and it was the worst show of their tour, yet they still got US drunk! Swedish hospitality at its finest!

– Will you see any other bands at the festival?

Oh, for sure! So many great bands to see. I’m psyched to see Monster Magnet and hopefully catch Black Sabbath. I also love to just roam the festival and discover things I never heard or saw before.

– What’s next for Five Horse Johnson after your gig at Sweden Rock Festival?

The SRF is the last day of our EU tour, we’ll be playing Spain, NL, and Italy for the first time! We’ll be writing new material from now until the songs are done. Hopefully sooner than SIX DAMN YEARS!! *Haha*!

That’s all for me know, thanks’ for the interview and I wish you all the best.





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