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Med 91 dagar kvar till Sweden Rock Festival 2014, fortsätter vi med serien “Inför Sweden Rock 2014”. Andra band ut i denna serie är 70-talslegendarerna FOGHAT som Rocknytts Calle Englund fick chansen att ställa några frågor till.

År 1970 avvek tre av fyra medlemmar i samlad trupp från bluesrockarna Savoy Brown. Året därpå bildade samma tre män Foghat, som i sin tur blev ett av 70-talets största hårda bluesrockband. Mellan 1972-79 utgav de åtta studioalbum, ett storsäljande livealbum och ett antal hitsinglar, däribland “Slow ride”, “Fool for the city” och “Drivin’ wheel”. Än i dag håller Foghat bluesens och boogiens fana högt, både på scen och skiva. Två av de klassiska medlemmarna är numera avlidna, så i dag flankeras trummisen Roger Earl och basisten Craig MacGregor förtjänstfullt av gitarristen Bryan Bassett (ex-Molly Hatchet) och mästersångaren Charlie Huhn (ex-Ted Nugent, Gary Moore).

It’s been ten years since you last played Sweden Rock, what are your expectations for this year?

Roger Earl: I expect to have a good time. Then again, I usually do! Sweden Rock has to be one of the best organized and run Rock Festivals I have played at EVER.  The sound system is fantastic and so are the people who run the show, in fact I would like Foghat to play here every year, but that might not be practical.  We will Rock you and Boogie your sneakers and boot heels away.

Do you have any memories or stories you would like to share regarding the last show you played on the festival?

As I just said, the level of professionalism was fantastic.  Backstage was very well organized too. The audience was great, they knew all of the words, were fist pumping up and down and generally having a great time.  It was the first time that Foghat had played Sweden and we were blown away by the audience response.

Jack Daniels was present after the show, so my memories are a little cloudy.  I did get to meet a number of fans though…. A very friendly lot you Swedes.

What do you think of the Swedish rock n roll crowd?

You guys Fuckin’ Rock!

Foghat has existed for more than 40 years and released more than 15 studio albums, what do you think is the recipe for such a long and strong career?

Staying on the right side of the grass, seriously though, it’s always been about the music for me.  The band always maintained artistic control on what songs we recorded and how we recorded.  We also worked with very talented producers like Dave Edmunds and Nick Jameson.  Having great musicians like Lonesome Dave and Rod Price in the band didn’t hurt either.  With Charlie Huhn, Bryan Bassett and Craig MacGregor in the band we will continue to record and play and have a blast doing it.  We released a Blues CD “Last Train Home” in 2010, two singles, a Christmas song and a new DVD in December 2013 “Live in St. Pete”. So, in the immortal words from the song Road Fever “We’re Gonna Roll ‘til we’re old and Rock ‘til we drop”. 

What is the best way to warm up for a show?

I personally warm up by playing on my practice kit pad and Hansenfutz practice foot pedals for at least an hour in the Hotel room and continue at the show in the dressing room.  I also do stretching exercises and workout with light weights and stretch bands at the Hotel room.  Oh yes very important strong black coffee and no alcohol before the show.

And last but not least, what can we expect from Foghat at 2014’s Sweden Rock Festival?

We are gonna rock the “Fuckin” joint.


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