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skullfist 480

Skull Fist är ett band som gjort sig kända för sitt ständiga turnerande, galna liveshower och sin tekniskt drivna heavy metal. Rocknytt fick chansen att växla några rader med bandets gitarrist och sångare, Jackie Slaughter. Intervjun nedan är på engelska.


1. What was the last album you listened to?
– “Edge of Excess” of Triumph. I had no idea that Rik Emmett wasn’t even on that album! Well, of course I noticed after the first few tracks that he wasn’t singing anything. Coolest track on that album though is “Turn My Back On Love”. Check it out! Seriously, it’s amazing. If you don’t check it out I will find you.

2. Skull Fist have only done one studio album called “Head öf The Pack” and that was back in 2011. Do you have any plans on making a new album soon?
– Yeah, we were going to release an album this year (2013) but it turns out we didn’t have the money required for such a thing. So instead we turned 2013 into touring our asses off just like the previous year. So then we pushed back the album release till later on in 2013. And then it turned out that skateboarding can lead to injuries… Who would have known! Haha, I broke my neck, neck is still broken actually. 3 months in total so that fucked things up a little bit too. But we’re still going to record the album this year and release it. I don’t know when. As soon as possible though. We can’t ride off that first album forever, haha!

3. You have been touring a lot in the States. How come you haven’t visit Europe as much?
– We’ve been to Europe 3 times. First with Enforcer and Bullet, second with Sabaton, third with Steelwing, Bullet and Grand Magus. Fourth for Metalfest and Spain. Hahaha, we haven’t been there since the summer of 2012 though. We’ve been trying to rock in every place possible. Europe rules for rocking, but lots of countries don’t get much rocking. So we need to give them a little bit of rocking too. Know what I’m sayin’? Hahaha!

4. If there was a concert you would like to experience/relive, which one would it be?
– When I was 15 I hitch hiked 800 km to go see Iron Maiden, Mötorhead and Dio. I got dogshit on my hand while I was stoned and whipped it on this old ladies dress who was the mother of the guy who gave us a 100 km ride. It was the best time ever. True story! Also accidentally I smoked angel dust or whatever the hell it was called with the “supposed” drumtech of Dio at the time. I think it was bullshit, but I have no idea. I was stoned out of my brain and then got super drunk and don’t remember much. I remember just sitting down and looking up and Mötorhead was playing and shaking a lot! Hahaha, that’s the one! Iron Maiden, Mötorhead and Dio about 11 years ago in Toronto.

5. A while ago you where in a really bad accident. What exactly happened and how did it affect the band?
– I broke my neck. It affected the band because when you break your neck you can’t play. Or sing. We had to cancel a tour and move our Mexican tour. But it all worked out. We also had to cancel recording as well and move that. Necks! Can’t live with them and can’t have them replaced with metal electronics and steel!

6. How would you describe your bandmates with three words?
– Super duper gay!

7. Who was your first idol?
– Billy. Hahaha, I never had an idol. I used to think Weird Al was super cool. I was obsessed with Marilyn Manson when I was really young. Even though he was weird as hell I just loved that he pissed everyone off all the time, hahaha!

8. Have you ever got something to explode?
– My wang. It explodes every chance I get. I once torched this old car by my friend’s place. That was cool. I exploded a firework out of my ass once. That was cool too. I exploded a coffee table with that same friend who torched the old car with me. When I was young me and my brother were trying to blow off stuff with gunpowder in this field. It didn’t work so we ended up lighting the field on fire. It turned into a giant fire that ended up jumping across the highway. It was amazing! 

9. What was your first festival experience?
– Europe. Metalfest. I can’t remember which one was the first. I think that was my first? Wait! We played a festival in January of 2011 before our first album came out. I can’t remember what it was called though. Angel Witch played too and so did our brothas from Striker (Canada). Uh, that was the first one! And Trance Mission played. That ruled. We got so drunk for the days leading up to that show that my voice was almost gone, haha! We pulled through and were shaking in our little booties the whole time. It was great though. Tons of drunk people, tons of drinking, tons of killer bands, tons of killer songs. I think that was one of the first backstage rooms we were given as well. We didn’t trash it. We were too afraid this big guy we kept seeing walking around would strangle us, haha!

10. At last, how does Skullfist’s plans for the future look like?
– One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, ROCK! Four o’clock, five o’clock, six o’clock, ROCK! Seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock, ROCK! WE’RE GONNA ROCK AROUND THE WORLD TONITE! This year we’ve done/have lots of plans! We will record the album, tour a bunch and then in 2014 we will release the album. We’re touring Mexico in July, Canada in August, recording in September. Doing another tour we haven’t announced yet in October. It’s gonna be radical, can’t stop rockin’!

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