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Icon Of Sin – Brasiliens Bruce Dickinson tar ton

Han har kallats Brasiliens svar på Bruce Dickinson och det är lätt att förstå varför när man hör Raphael Mendes kraftfulla pipa. Peter Johansson tog ett snack med Icon Of Sin sångaren om färska debutplattan och en hel del annat!
Raphael Mendes, you are the Brazilian answer to Bruce Dickinson. Which other singers have influenced you in developing your singing style?
I just need to thank all the people who say I sound like Bruce. I don’t need to say he is a kind of God for me. But I think Michael Kiske was a great influence for me, Andre Matos as well, because Angra was one of the first bands I started listening to; Freddie Mercury was very important too, I really like Queen. So I can say those names were very important influences for me.
Your self titled debut album is due for release in mid april. What are your personal favourites from the album?
It’s difficult to say just one. This album was made from fans to fans. But i think “Virtual Empire” is in first place and then “Clouds Over Gotham”. I really like these ones.
Tell us a little about how the recording process went, have you met at all or has everything happened the digital way considering the pandemic?
I didn’t meet the guys before Icon Of Sin. We started all after Frontiers contacted me, so they put me in contact with Marcelo Gelbcke and Sergio Mazul. Everything was made by zero, they started working on the songs, then they sent me the demos and we started together. I changed some stuff to fit in my voice better, so after i finished all the demos i went to Curitiba to record it in Marcelo’s studio. I live very far from Curitiba so that’s why i just went there to finish it.
Over the past year many bands have done livestreamed performances, is that something Icon Of Sin are considering doing as well?
I don’t have this answer yet because the pandemic situation is very hard in my city, and to travel is a risk. But we want to do it as soon as possible. If possible a tour would be much better.
Imagine you have a 90 second commercial slot on prime time TV! Explain to the viewers as concisely as possible: Why listen to Icon Of Sin?
If you like all the stuff that the bands from the 80’s used to do, take a listen to Icon Of Sin. I’m sure it will make you feel that Heavy Metal will never die. Powerful riffs on the guitar, high notes and screams,  songs based in movies and video games, everything a metal fan like. Listen to Icon Of Sin!
If you look into a crystal ball, where do you see Icon Of Sin ten years from now?
Sincerely, I see it everyday in my dreams playing in Wacken and Rock In Rio. I hope to get many albums released and become a reference in Heavy metal.
If you could only wake up to the same record every morning, which one would you choose?
If the question is about an album. I’d choose Iron Maiden – Rock In Rio. If the question is about one song from Icon Of Sin, I’d answer Virtual Empire.
Finally: Is there anything you would like to recommend to our readers, besides of course listening to you? It could be a band, a movie, a book, a favourite dish or something completely different!
I love barbecue and beer. If you have the opportunity to come to Brazil, try our barbecue, it’s fantastic. “Picanha” I think in english is rump steak, the meat cutting is different or Costela Gaúcha” (Rib), those are amazing. If you go to Curitiba, visit Bodebrown brewery, one of the best breweries in Brazil, they produce the Brazilian Trooper beer here in Brazil. Very special.
Thank you so much for doing this interview for Rocknytt!
You’re always welcome!
icon of sin
Icon Of Sin är aktuella med sin självbetitlade debutplatta! Lyssna i spellistan här nedan!

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