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Temple Balls – Pyromide får dig att glömma all bullshit! Höj till 11! Nej förresten 12!


Finska Temple Balls har de senaste åren seglat upp på den melodiösa hårdrockshimlen som ett av de mest lovande banden. Härom året signade bandet en deal med skivbolagsjätten Frontiers och nyligen släpptes tredje fullängdaren “Pyromide”. Peter Johansson tog ett snack med gitarristen Jiri.

You will soon release your third album “Pyromide”, tell us a little about how the recording process went, did the band record together at all or has everything happened the digital way considering the pandemic?

So, the basic principle was the same as with our previous album Untamed. The album was recorded at Studio 57 in Finland, Jona flew in from Sweden a week before the recording sessions to do some preprod and we hit the studio for three weeks. Everybody was there for most of the time, I think doing it digitally would’ve been downright impossible, to be honest. I actually had to quarantine myself to the drum room for a week or so, after visiting Oulu for nonband related things. The minute I got back to 57, I started to feel a little sick. I went for the testing a bit later, which came out negative thankfully.

How does Pyromide differ from your previous albums? What songs stick out in your opinion?

I think it is overall a more solid package of hard rock. I think Niko summed it up perfectly once: Traded Dreams was more of a traditional kind of rock, whereas Untamed was a step towards a heavier and darker sound. Pyromide is a mix of both worlds but musically it’s even wider on both ends.

Personal highlights for me from the album are: What is Dead Never Dies, Unholy Night and Heart of a Warrior.

Over the past year, many bands connected with the fans via various forms of livestreamed performances, is that something Temple Balls are considering doing as well?

This is a real two-edged sword. On the other hand, these days you gotta be visible all the time in social media, and in media overall to maintain your “success”, or whatever you wanna call it. But then again, playing a gig which is streamed just doesn’t vibe in the right way, with no real interaction between the band and the crowd. We did the livestream about a year ago, and although the feedback was great, I can’t imagine a dedicated livestream gig anytime soon. But never say never.

You’ve had the privilege of opening for legends like Queen, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. What experiences do you bring with you from this?

I’d go as far as calling these definite highlights of our career! It’s crazy to think that something you could only dream about when starting the band, suddenly becomes reality. And those are the stage sizes that we aim for, so whenever something like that happens, it grows the hunger even more.

Temple Balls - Pyromide får dig att glömma all bullshit! Höj till 11! Nej förresten 12! 1

If you could put together your own dream concert with Temple Balls as headliner, what three other bands would you choose to support you?

Hmm, let’s see. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden could probably make the bill, haha!

Imagine you have a 90 second commercial slot on prime time TV! Explain to the viewers as concisely as possible: Why listen to Temple Balls?

In order to forget all the bs that people might find in their everyday life. Have fun and turn it up to eleven! No, twelve!

If you look into a crystal ball, where do you see Temple Balls ten years from now?

I see this lineup still together, still based in Finland, still wearing the same old jeans. Hopefully the stages are bigger though, hah!

If you could only wake up to one and the same record every morning, which one would you choose and why?

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon. I think it’s untouchable as an album. Just all-round epicness My all-time favorite of any genre. And don’t get me even started with Gilmour’s leads, man!

Finally: Is there anything you would like to recommend to our readers, besides of course listening to you? It could be a band, a movie, a book, a favourite dish or something completely different!

For the past few years, I’ve grown to love the band Architects. Although it’s very different from us, I’ve noticed as I get older, my taste of music just keeps crossing new borders. I’m always searching for a new high, if you will. And a little sushi never hurt anyone, quite the contrary I’d say!

Thanks so much for answering these questions. Looking forward to the album, stay safe and godspeed.
Absolutely, anytime! See you on tour!
Temple Balls - Pyromide får dig att glömma all bullshit! Höj till 11! Nej förresten 12! 2
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