Ändringar i Time To Rock Festivals lineup

Time To Rock Festival meddelar att två av deras bokade band inte kommer till festivalen i sommar. Bourbon Boys som tråkigt nog inte fick ihop sitt sommarschema och Angel Witch som skriver som följer:

“We are sorry to report that, as with our 2022 live run, Angel Witch have been forced to cancel our summer shows in 2023 due to continuing issues well beyond the band’s control.
We hate to disappoint our fans and let down the promoters who have put their faith in us yet again and no one is more frustrated and upset than the band themselves about this situation; but the post-Brexit issues which have adversely affected our ability to play over the last couple of years are still dogging us now and as a result we will be unable to perform at Time to Rock this year. Rest assured, however, we are working hard with our management and legal team to resolve this and look forward to playing for you in 2024.”

Ersättare blir Smash Into Pieces som nyligen blev trea i Melodifestivalen med låten “Six Feet Under” och klassiska Diamond Head , ni vet bandet som bl.a skrev låten “Am I Evil?” som Metallica också spelat in.

Time To Rock Festival går av stapeln i Knislinge Folkets Park 8-10 augusti. Deltagande band är Saxon, KKs Priest, MSG, Blind Guardian, The Hooters, D-A-D, Alestorm, Molly Hatchet, Ross The Boss, Uli Jon Roth, A Tom Gabriel Warrior Trilogy (Celtic Frost, Triptykon, Triumph Of Death), Sham 69, The Toy Dolls, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, The Answer, Teaze, Hardline, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Masterplan, Treat, Dream Evil, The Quill och många fler!

Ytterligare tre band (vinnarna i Rocknytt-tävlingen) kommer att presenteras på måndag.

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