Scarlet – Obey The Queen


Scarlet will release Obey The Queen, November 13th via Arising Empire.

Over the past few months listeners have gotten a small taste of what the full album holds with the release of the singles #Bossbitch and Ugly Fucker. The question is, does the rest of the album meet the same intensity or are the first few singles the full bang of the album?

I had the opportunity to check out the album last night and see exactly what Scarlet is going to unleash on unsuspecting listeners. What I found is an album that’s overflowing with emotional writing and musical intensity that delivers one hell of a listening experience. There is anger, hurt, rage, revenge and complete self awareness that leads to the attitude of a sense of rebirth and owning who you are and not accepting anyone’s rubbish. Scarlet is fierce and unapologetic as she takes on those who’ve tried to make her feel small, societal expectations and a world that treats humanity as though is expendable.

Obey The Queen delivers ten tracks of varying intensity. Some tracks are full rage where others are vulnerable. With the opening title track Scarlet speaks to the people and immediately sets the listeners expectations that this album is not going to let you listen without feeling her rage. Her style is a blend of vocals that are sometimes spoken word, rap rhythm, velvet smooth vocals with a lush tone, to hard and gritty raging screams. The musical elements add to the ambiance of the album delivering the feel of the vocals. Then the additional effects blended to the mix of both make each track a delightful and yet shocking experience that makes listeners want to keep listening to see what will come next.

For those that have had the opportunity to watch the videos released with the first two singles or see Scarlet live, you already know that Scarlet delivers a dramatic visual experience. The dramatic feel carries through in this entire album and presents what feels like an anthem to those who’ve been treated badly or indecently to stand up and refuse to take anything from anyone.

The backstory to the writing in Scarlet’s album will touch many who’ve been through similar experiences. Where some will simply choose to listen and just take the tracks as they are without thinking about what made Scarlet write these songs, you will have a great album to enjoy. For the rest of us that want to know the reason in the writing, there is a lot that went into each track and a meaning behind each and every single track. What caused her rage in tracks like #Bossbitch, Ugly Fucker, Devil Twins and Zodiac? What caused the vulnerability tracks like Love Heroin and Final Shot?

“Making this album I had to go deep deep down to the darkest, most painful place inside me. Dig through memories hidden behind walls of thorns. Unbury years of tormented rage. It almost killed me. Through survival comes greatness. I want this record to inspire people to be themselves. To live free. »Obey The Queen« is a mark in history. A world domination. It’s a new world now” – Scarlet

For me, this album is full of depth and precise execution. It’s not another album that sounds the same as every other release out there, it’s different. I appreciate that she worked with other writers and vocalists on this album to come out with something fresh. The team up on #bossbitch featuring Thirsty and Åsa Netterbrant was unexpected and incredible at the same time. For me being a big fan of vocals, this track delivered an incredible experience. Pay attention on this album, you will also get a guest appearance from Martin Westerstrand of Lillasyster (LOK) on the last track Final Shot.

Final thoughts, I enjoyed the album and even felt connected to the words in the songs. I understood her rage and it spoke to me. Whether just a great metal album or a call to others to get up and embrace the beings we are, it’s a musical journey worth taking. This album will challenge you with it’s authenticity and musical styling all while letting you have fun listening to a completely new experience.

Title: Obey The Queen
Genre: Metal
Label: Arising Empire
Release Date: 2020-11-13
Rating: 4/5
Best Tracks: #bossbitch, Love Heroin, Ugly Fucker, Krokodil, Final Shot


5.0 – Mästerverk! Fullkomligt perfekt. Inte ett enda svagt spår! Finns ingenting att klaga på.
4.5 – Stark fyra. Utmärkt! Snudd på perfekt men det lilla extra saknas för att rankas som mästerverk.
4.0 – Stabil fyra. Mycket bra! Har någonting extra!
3.5 – Stark trea. Riktigt bra!
3.0 – Stabil trea. Tämligen bra. Lite spretig men ändå god musikunderhållning.
2.5 – Medelmåttig men lyssningsbart.
2.0 – Hyfsad! De sämre låtarna är tyvärr betydligt fler än de bra. Lämnar mycket att önska.
1.5 – Ganska dålig.
1.0 – Väldigt dålig. I stort sett bortkastad tid.
0.5 – Urusel! Plågsam upplevelse!

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