Asking Alexandria – Like A House On Fire

Asking Alexandria are back with their new release Like A House On Fire, an album that has changed their sound and is sure to leave fans battling amongst themselves over the new music.

This album takes the band the furthest away from their heavy roots fans first discovered them with and pushes them away from metal and into what can best be described as commercial pop rock. For the purists, this album is going to be a hard pill to swallow.

For all the rest of the fans, you will need to go into this album with no expectations and a completely open mind and just let the album unfold before you. With that said, I found that even with how much their sound has changed on this album, I found it refreshing and appreciated what they have done. Although I am not typically interested in pop rock, the way the band blended their sound with the new direction they have taken, there are still elements of the Asking Alexandria I have listened to over the years.

I did find myself referencing this new album as familiar to One Direction if they would have every gone in a heavier direction with their music. This album just has that boy band feel to it. It will absolutely appeal to the majority of their female fans.

They music itself, has all the skill that I have come to expect from this band. There are complicated arrangements, big melodies, tons of energy, intensity and even vulnerability in the music as well as the vocals and lyrics. I can easily imagine many of these tracks in a live setting as these guys always do high energy shows.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album. The guys did something very edgy and it worked. I think any fans looking for the old school sound, you will be disappointed in this album just by how much of a pop feel it has. But I would recommend to all the other listeners out there who enjoy the progression bands take in their musical journey to give this a spin.

Asking Alexandria
Titel: Like A House On Fire
Genre: Rock
Skivbolag: Sumerian Records

Releasedatum: 2020-05-15
Betyg: 4/5

Bästa låtar: They Don’t Want What We Want (And They Don’t Care), One Turns To None

Ben Bruce – Guitar
Cameron Liddell – Guitar
Sam Bettley – Bass
James Cassells – Drums
Danny Worsnop – Vocals


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Mange Byström