Katatonia – City Burials

Katatonia is back with their latest release City Burials. For me, I was really hoping they would finally bring together a more cohesive album with more tempo. But like past releases, it was more of the same.

If the rest of the album would have been completely like the opening track Heart Set to Divide, this would have been an uninteresting listening experience. Taking 1:44 to get to any tempo in a track is one of the most boring things I think artists do on albums. Then from finally finding a tempo to do a speed up and slow down through out the track, I had to skip the last third part of the track to move on to the next track to see if was going to be more of this same experience.

With the second track there was an immediate tempo followed by a great melodic track that brought life into the new listening experience of City Burials. Sadly that didn’t last into the 3rd track. It felt like the album stepped back to the intro all over again. Half way through the track Lacquer there’s an infusion of tempo and music that went away again. Losing interest, I moved on to the next track where I found more of the same weird push and pull in this album

I didn’t get what Katatonia was trying to do with this album. There was too much confusion in tempos between the tracks. Then too much waiting to get to the best part of a song that makes listeners wait until about halfway through before the band feels like giving the listeners something to grab onto and peak their interest like in the track Flicker.

Had their have been more tracks like Behind the Blood, Flicker, or Neon Epitath , this album would have had a completely different feel too it and I would have been more interested in listening. For me this felt more like an odd new age/prog rock/doom piece that didn’t inspire me aside from the three tracks I felt had bite to them. So for me, this album just didn’t work.

Titel: City Burials
Genre: Rock
Skivbolag: Peaceville Records
Releasedatum: 2020-4-24
Betyg: 2/5
Bästa låtar: Behind the Blood, Flicker, Neon Epitath


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Mange Byström

Mange Byström