House Of Shakira – Radiocarbon


The Stockholm rockers are back with their 9th studio album via Frontiers Music srl.

What’s new with this new album? Eleven new and original tracks or more like ten and a short instrumental opener. The band opens up with an intro that sounded like the start of a great track then just like that, it was over. I’d have loved to see that developed into a full track with vocals because it sure had the potential to a full track. Not usually a fan of instrumental openers, but this was one I actually liked!

Heading into the rest of the album the band kicks off with the second and full track, One Circumstance, that quickly reminded me why I’ve always had a favorable opinion of this particular band. They are a band that always delivers a great musical experience for the fans.

House Of Shakira - Radiocarbon

This album is packed with great melodies and vocals that will inspire fans to sing along. There is a great mix of melodic tracks and some heavier punchy tracks that add power into the album with nice blend to keep listeners attentive and engaged.

You’ll feel this shift notably after the fourth track with, A Tyrant’s Tale. There are some creative elements in the style of the music along with heavy bass and serious hooks and some heavy yet airy vocals that when it all comes together make a really great track. This shift in the music carries through to the end of the album.

In summary: Great new release from House of Shakira. They took time to write something well and delivered a great performance.

Diane Webb

Diane Webb


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House Of Shakira - Radiocarbon

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