Syztem7 – Evolving


Meet Seattle Industrial Rockers Syztem7. Being a band from my local scene I was a little surprised to see this album show up for review from Denmark’s Mighty Music. If you’re a fan of bands like Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails, this might be a new band you’d want to take for a spin.

Evolving was release on Friday, 29 November. In this album there are eight tracks that showcase exactly who this band is and what they’ve been working toward with their sound. Some tracks are exactly industrial rock like No Regrets and The Worst, where others just feel like straight rock with a bit of the moody Seattle grunge as on Eternita Divina. Either way you slice it, they are an enjoyable listening experience.

The musical arrangements on this album will fulfill many listener’s expectations for this genre. There are plenty of synth elements blended with hypnotic and punchy chord progressions that all get pumped up with a variation of tempos. The vocals are clean, gritty and sometimes distorted yet fit the music as you would hope for.

For me this band is like Rammstein light with an almost Depeche Mode undertone. They won’t take you the extremes Rammstein is known so for the fans they have steered away from the shock value they deliver, Syztem7 is a great alternative. If you love Rammstein, Syztem7 are also a great addition too and worth exploring.

Band: Syztem7
Title: Evolving
Genre: Industrial Rock
Record label: Mighty Music
Release date: 2019/11/29
Best tracks:
Rating: 3/5

Diane Webb

Diane Webb


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