Metalite – A Virtual World


Metalite returns with a new album this Friday called “A Virtual World”.

When I last met up with new music from this band, I wasn’t impressed with the change in vocals between albums. “Biomechanicals” fell flat for me with a mix of music that sort of hit the mark but vocals that did not. The album was even listed on my most disappointing releases of the year. Having loved their first release, then given a second album with lineup changes and music that failed to connect fully due to a confused feeling throughout the album and playing it safe with their sound, I was not sure where they would go next.

The question to me on this new album is, did they step up with the musical arrangements and does Erica Ohlsson push her vocals this time to step out of her comfort zone to take more chances?

Having already had a chance to hear a few singles before the album, I liked what I heard so far. My hope digging into the full album was that the album would continue with the same energy and boldness.

What I found with my full experience with “A Virtual World” was that Metalite stepped up and hit the mark with this album. They fully came together and punched through to give more originality in the this album and Ohlsson dug deeper with her vocals to give more intensity in her delivery while cementing her place as frontwoman for the group.

This album delivers tons of catchy tracks that fans can instantly sing along with. The musical arrangements are creative, although at times they feel a bit over produced. I’d also say the same of the vocals, there are spots where I wish they’d not done as much to Ohlsson’s vocals to allow more of her natural tone to come through. For me when it came to vocals, the track “Alone” was one of the best to really showcase the Ohlsson’s vocals. It allowed her to be more raw with her vocals and allow her natural voice to shine through with the great tone she has. I would have loved to seen more of that from her.

For me, one of the biggest highlights on this album is the intensity. The drum tempos are powerful, energetic and exhausting! The guitars are punchy, waling, manic and full of power. The guitar arrangements are also interesting and catch your attention. The bass lines, while not at the forefront are strong and a deep part of the overall foundation of the album. Then the added elements from keyboards and musical elements that provide the additional nuisances making the sound full and a large listening experience. When topped off with powerful vocals that bring it all together, it’s a pretty interesting release.

Final thoughts, I really enjoyed the new album and appreciate what they did with it. This is something I knew they had the ability to do and they did it. “A Virtual World” is the game changer for Metalite. This is the album for them that will demand attention from music fans and critics alike. There’s no denying the work that went into this album, the album is the proof. Grattis Metalite on a great album release.

Album: A Virtual World
Label: AFM Records
Genre: Melodic Metal
Release Date: 26 March 2021
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Best tracks: Alone, Beyond The Horizon, Running, Peacekeepers


5.0 – Mästerverk! Fullkomligt perfekt. Inte ett enda svagt spår! Finns ingenting att klaga på.
4.5 – Stark fyra. Utmärkt! Snudd på perfekt men det lilla extra saknas för att rankas som mästerverk.
4.0 – Stabil fyra. Mycket bra! Har någonting extra!
3.5 – Stark trea. Riktigt bra!
3.0 – Stabil trea. Tämligen bra. Lite spretig men ändå god musikunderhållning.
2.5 – Medelmåttig men lyssningsbart.
2.0 – Hyfsad! De sämre låtarna är tyvärr betydligt fler än de bra. Lämnar mycket att önska.
1.5 – Ganska dålig.
1.0 – Väldigt dålig. I stort sett bortkastad tid.
0.5 – Urusel! Plågsam upplevelse!

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